durant lore rocket lights! rocket boss this action stunned behind the beauty!

nba rockets to a 122-121 win over the opener wei mian champion warriors, this is rocket the new boss tillman-feltita has the team after the first regular season victory, the rocket new boss tillman-felita crazy celebration, but also stunned behind the beauty.after the game, he was interviewed by the media talked about the feelings of this.

the rocket and the warriors race, although the rockets in the last minute reversal win over.but throughout the audience, the great advantage of the warriors.basically, the warriors hit the rocket on the floor for 47 minutes, the rockets last 1 minute to take advantage of the warriors reversing a victory.

in order to be able to catch up with the pace of the warriors, the houston rockets traded this summer the league's number one point guard paul.harden plus the combination of paul by domestic fans affectionately known as"light bulb combination".the game was trapped in the injury, paul's state is very general, the last 4 minutes was also forced to watch the scene.today's victory, to the still running in the rockets a great encouragement.

chris paul has the last time for a knee injury.after the game talked about his knee, said:"i survived, i became a cheerleader, very interesting, because you know the ability of teammates."

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