in addition to trouble to do nothing in hong kong has the greatest cancer has been defeated japan thanks to him!

finally, shanghai did not break the chinese team in the saitama world cup stadium curse, with 0-1 score to complete the season afc final.and this game is also likely to be just finished 40 years old birthday coach boas in the hong kong coach seats on the masterpiece.

as a result of the road with the national security game is considered to have abuse of the referee, the referee has an insulting action, boas was football association to 8 games, including four games and four football association cup, which it means that boas will miss all the league behind the season, as well as the remaining two games of the fa cup final.after the end of the afc, boas season has ended in advance.

at present, due to the hong kong in the league and the afc champions league two-line crown , only the fa cup first-line hope, but also need to face the city rivals shanghai shenhua impact, to win there are still difficult.such a result is probably from the fans to the team executives are unacceptable.prior to the name of xujiang had broke the news, if the hong kong this season missed the championship, the team from the management team to the coach team will be a total reshuffle, boas leave the inevitable.

in addition to the record of non-compliance, boas taught a year, and did not give the team how much wealth left.tactical, it may be the personal ability of hong kong foreign aid too well, boas only one year to reflect the tactics is"hulk go it alone."for the same rough technology, defensive ability deviation of the super stadium, this trick is indeed the best in the world, but also harvest the league's strongest firepower.but once the hong kong want to board a higher stage, the face of the afc opponent, the team's overall flaws will be exposed, hulk was anti-death, the possession of the ball on the hong kong time, but the slightest manufacturing out of the absolute opportunity, and the weak line of defense has been counterattack a dozen quasi-quasi boas does not change, even if the next year to buy stronger foreign aid, the afc is still no game.

football.he was inadvertently because of improper remarks and attack the referee, before and after the cumulative suspension of 12 games, 1/3 of the game are in the stands to watch; in addition, boas everywhere to get into trouble also to hong kong has always been in the public opinion of the outlet, the team the image caused a lot of damage.for a want to replace hengda become super-dominance of the state-owned enterprises in the background of the team, which is almost unacceptable.

of course, boas himself does not seem to want to leave the meaning of

the in addition to the huge annual salary, super and there is no to attract him to continue to coach the factors.he and the whole of china's football is not out of it is not fit or not willing to integrate into the embodiment of the three-line crown, boas and hong kong friendship break up, is not impossible.