wang zhizhi son is close to rice! not for the effectiveness of the country is understandable

china's men's basketball team in recent years despite the performance of the national stance, but the early years we have also attributed to their own glory.the ultimate"move the great wall"is still, yao ming is the peak, yi jianlian newborn calves, and our king zhi zhao knife is not the beijing olympic games and the united states played the smallest points difference, the war runner-up spain into canada, it can be said that wang and yao ming was our generation of fanghua.

wang is also a controversial player, he is scored nba china's first person, but also because of the return to the competition and the results of the nba was forced to return the nets, was"blocked."however, big zhi has always thought that the country as its mission, working days down to earth, for the new way, for the national team spared no effort.

although big zhi has now left the game, but his son gradually entered the people of vision.little guy wang xilin can inherit dad endowment for the country effectiveness? april 2004 life of wang xilin now height is now close to 1 meter 9, athletes family life of wang xilin presumably endowment will not be too bad.however, the results of nationality once again cause people to question, because wang xilin in the united states life experience, the united states, so then settled in us citizenship.therefore, big zhi once again by the rhetoric of the assault, but followed by big zhi gui, he clearly marked the child is my people, but also our nationality.son named wang xilin, taken from the meaning of auspicious.

although so, wang xilin for the country how much performance.because now the child although the tall, but did not accept the work drills.and the child's grandfather said that the child is not an exception to the enthusiasm of basketball.and big zhi did not deliberately to train children to work on the road, because the experience of people know how hard this road.

do not know the parent, do not know what the child means for the parents, you can in 10 years after the national arena, we can not see yao ming, wang zhizhi, yi jianlian children glory for the country, but we still will not forget these basketball players brought us for the blessing of their children can be healthy to open the

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