spurs battle against the timberwolves: duncan with his girlfriend together! demon knife still touched the head

regular season start the next day, fighting broke out round, the spurs home game against the timberwolves, although the san antonio spurs was friends known as nursing homes, when the play of leonard and injured, the timberwolves other hand, exactly the opposite, they are talented, full of young people, known as the future of the union!


as the first game of the spurs' regular season, the spurs retired old man also came to the scene to watch, spurs tim duncan and beautiful girlfriend appeared in the game side.spur for the spurs!

not mills, but this year only 21 years old second-year rookie murray.

push the forest wolf rampage! 25 minutes scored 16 points with only 8 shots!

final 107 to 99 win over talented forest wolves.

in this view, it does not matter that you are not a champion, you have to look at the key with what people are.obviously the spurs are a master, and the spurs 30 years only two champion is now for the melon masses, this deep possession of the name and name!

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