wave is really old fox lennard field strong smile so you get so much last season

compared to other teams, the spurs players are always particularly delicate, a variety of bizarre injuries are also special, such as stomach pain, stomach discomfort, etc., so that the reason can always be a break the this is not the team main leonard in the last season after injury, rest for almost 4 months, and still still recuperate.the first game leonard because of the right quadriceps tendon injury and absent, can only silently watching the team in the field loaded force.

popovich talked about leonard's injury, only said he was better than yesterday, 1.4%, this ambiguous argument, are people doubt that leonard in the end is not in the injured.as"unwarranted"charges, when the return did not answer, has not played for 4 months, it is estimated that leonard heart biede panic.

at the start of the game, the lens to the spurs bench, aimed at leonard and parker.and we even found leonard laughed, but this smile is clearly in the strong smile funny, the face of a smile to a face without losing the embarrassment.

last season, leonard was so powerful duncan left the team, he played 25.5 points and 5.8 rebounds and 3.5 assists in the all-star data, also ranked in the top five mvp list, leonard is often scoring 30+, poppovich's doctrine turned a blind eye.so after the end of the season, the media seems to have a wave of leonard blowing, what the new season 90% can take mvp, become the spurs absolute boss and so on.but also for the first time on behalf of the nba line in china, is simply a superstar level of treatment well, laughing in china, as if changed personal.

see this child, popovich to let him take a few days bench calm and calm, and the spurs team is also with, but not leonard scored five points on the double, adelaide is the highest rebounding assists are the highest team.the team are hard to prove that there is no leonard, they are so powerful, the spurs' boss can only be popovich, who wants to let the team boss let him do.ginger or the boss of the spicy, leonard or tender point.

of course, this is just ridicule, popovich doing so more is to protect him, if the finals, popovich will certainly arrange for him to play, but now is the regular season just started, naturally able to keep a long time to hurt how long, coupled with now popovich found himself really cold out of adelaide, so during the absence of leonard try to build tactics around him.but leonard can be tired of the heart, has been unable to play estimated itchy heart itch.

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