new list of national football no surprise? lippi still trust hengda help veteran dare not change dynasty

12 games were eliminated, whether the national football will be worth changing.however, the"beijing youth daily"reported that lippi is currently not on the national team's replacement knife, these veterans will still be the responsibility of the mission.including zheng zhi, feng xiaoting, including hengda help is still the core of lippi players.

37-year-old zheng zhi, 31-year-old gao lin, 32-year-old xiao zhi, 32-year-old feng xiaoting, 32-year-old zhao xuri, 30-year-old zengcheng, 30-year-old in han chao......they are all waiting for successors , after all, want to get good results in 4 years, the national football needs more fresh blood.however, the latest news is that lippi will not be large-scale exchange transfusion.

national football will be held on november 5 in guangzhou, a new training, no accident, zheng zhi and feng xiaoting veteran will still appear in the national football list, the current list of about 25 people, of course, lippi will also recruit some young and plastic players into the team.for zheng zhi, feng xiaoting these veterans, their next world cup too far, lippi still choose them, this is why?

two teams with u22 national team, covering all the young players in the country, but so far, able to enter the skin in the eye of the rare.this is lippi is currently the biggest distress, finally the world ranking came to asia's top four, want to maintain the current momentum, had to suspend the big shake-up footsteps.

so far, able to really conquer lippi young players only deng hanwen, zhang yining two other players from the national football foothold and even the main position, is still far worse.

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