liu guoliang as scheduled? heart guiping first voice on the development of good brothers exposed their office

october 18, in this special day, guoping rarely suspended training, in the wu jingping and li falcon two"liu guoliang successor"under the leadership of a gathering, to watch live collective learning.and has long been outgoing at home liu guoliang, in this day also rarely published a concern about the dynamic, but really caused the fans hot, but it is good brother in this dynamic under some comments.on the evening of 18, liu guoliang made a dynamic on the microblogging, talked about.......and the development of today's his view, to have knowledge of the eye, love the sincerity, with the courage of the courage, rong was the amount of elegant,"together the world talent and use"in order to really promote the development, and in this dynamic soon after, liu guoliang the good brother, wang nan's husband guo bin immediately forward to comment on the remarks, it is this comment, so fans are excited again.

but netizens have to understand that gold is refers to liu guoliang.many fans are in the message under the microblogging guo bin, asked him whether this sentence has other hints:"what is the meaning of the return?""what is the meaning of the return?"please go back, right, please go back."

obviously, guo bin comment again let the fans ignited the hope that speculation liu guoliang whether to come fact, the fans will have this expectation is understandable, you know, liu guoliang.

coached 14 years, led a total of three olympic games participated in the olympic games, each time have made extraordinary achievements, rio olympic games, liu guoliang is his"third venture", a comprehensive increase in the impact of table tennis force, the original attention of the table tennis is also low"fire"up, guo bin this gold one said, is undoubtedly deserved

as we all know, the causes of head coach liu guoliang had stepped down it is due to the"l deputy director of the table tennis association, since the outgoing, liu guoliang is one of the training from the daughter of golf, never appeared in the country table, and even the national games are nest at home watching live, not like the chairman of the table tennis cai zhenhua came to the scene as the game, apparently has not been reported to take office.from yesterday, liu guoliang and guo bin of these two dynamic point of view, but are all implied that people will be reused, it is also intended to liu guoliang this talent, has decided to take office vice chairman of the table tennis, return to the table tennis it? liu guoliang once said that his most hope is that in life is different(in chinese) stage, can do what they want, ideal, valuable things.and table tennis for him, is undoubtedly the most difficult to let go, if he really decided to take office, even if no longer as a coach, presumably guobiao players and fans are extremely welcome it

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