woj: lin shuhao patellar ligament tear season reimbursement

according to woj's news, lin shuhao patellar ligament tear, will miss the rest of the season.


nets general manager sean marks said in a statement:"lin shuhao in the offseason and training camps are extremely hard training, he is very excited about the prospects for the team this season and we feel very sad the injury will require him to recover with the whole season, but our team will be here, exhausted all possible ways to support him and help him complete the rehabilitation.jeremy lin is still a very important part of the team, and will continue as the team leader in the responsibility."

in today's away game lost to the pacers, jeremy lin in the fourth quarter of the process of laying the basket to return to the locker room, before leaving, lin shuhao in the game get 18 points and 4 rebounds.