cba most beautiful girlfriend was thrown away because of embarrassment! user: the body too much

with the development of the cba league players are also a substantial increase in wages, cba hand a million contract is not what a great thing! good talk with a good horse with a good saddle, after the money cba players girlfriend is also a better than one, one of the most famous will be the number of sun yue's wife chen lu was regarded as the first lady cba, but on the body and the value of the words i want to be a non-bell deer!

can stand out from the numerous suitors of zhong lu have to say liu xiaoyu's personal ability is absolutely commendable, since the two officially open romance in 2016, to the previous days broke liu xiaoyu initiative to get rid of zhonglu pure, visible as a boyfriend in this area liu xiaoyu's ability to absolutely spike wang sicong, and liu xiaoyu and zhonglu pure break up the reasons though did not say, but liu xiaoyu in the pursuit of career and sun yue predecessors of the situation break up the reasons can be imagined!

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