xuzhou old body maida people take the prize month do not eat oil days do not eat salt days do not drink water!

zhu qin lu wen, hear the name if you think it is a 90 or 00 after the boy, then you are wrong.he is a 59-year-old body of people, in the xuzhou fitness industry quite famous.october 6 in ulaanbaatar, mongolia 2017 wbpf world fitness and fitness championships, zhu qin luwen on behalf of the chinese team, won the world fitness championships fourth.once also obsessed with the"big man"of him, now advocating the natural fitness, every 4 months before the game do not eat oil, 15 days do not eat salt, 4 days without water, food every month to"eat"out 6000 yuan or so.

4 days without drinking water, drink 50 ml before the game


october 10 evening just returned to xuzhou, after a night of rest, yesterday morning zhu qin road to restore the energy, came to wu zhuang near a gym exercise, to guide young people to train.

59-year-old zhu qin road, formerly known as zhu luwen, switch to four words in order to commemorate the death of the parents.he is 174 cm tall, weighing 68 kg, wearing a sportswear is a very standard middle-aged man, not like the imagination of the bodybuilder as whole body is bulging large muscles.many of my friends said he reached the highest level of practicing fitness:dress was thin, stripped of meat.

often participate in the game zhu qin road, the text also has a bit fashionable fashion-hair pick a lock of yellow, left ear wearing earrings.

since may this year, zhu qin road has participated in eight games, including six domestic competitions, and participated in the asian championship held in seoul, south korea and held in ulaanbaatar, mongolia of the world championships, total won eight awards, eight trophies, no one lost.

of course, the most gold is just back to the world championships fourth, zhu qin road, the text is to participate in the veteran group game.before each game, zhu qin road text should be 4 months ahead of time do not eat oil, 15 days do not eat salt, 4 days without water

this year because of the tournament, zhu qin road from the beginning of february did not stained the oil.in order to make the muscles to dry state, showing a beautiful muscle, before the game 4 days zhu qin road, the text has been insisted on not drinking water, only vegetables to add water, the last day to walk a little"fight"until the play before, in order to let the game when the state showed a full of energy, he barely drank 50 ml of water, that is, a bottle of mineral water, one tenth of the amount.

when the game shows the perfect action, there is a minute of free performance time, zhu qin road, the use of the soundtrack is the"german chariot."although his muscles look smaller than the other players to a circle, arm circumference is 46 cm, but wins in the muscle dry, modeling beauty, and finally got the fourth good results.

"i had wanted to participate in the-70 kg class competition, but because did not understand english, missed time roll call of great regret."zhu qin road wen said that since more than five months he took part in the 6 field game, an average of more than 20 days there is a great damage to muscle and body.a normal bodybuilder for the body without harm, should be a year or two to participate in a game.next year in order to ensure the quality of the game, he only on behalf of the chinese bodybuilding team to participate in the asian championships, world championships and the east asian international bodybuilding competition.


zhu qin lu wen began to practice on the road of fitness, is 46 years old that year.because in the organs of the annual work of the office, lack of exercise and great entertainment, when his weight is 93 kilograms, round bulging belly full of oil.there is a like a fitness friend took him into the gym, he chose to practice fitness, that practice a muscle will be particularly masculine.

after practicing a few years of fitness, zhu qin road, the text is really covered with muscle blocks, looks like a brawny, eat 40 eggs a day plus 2 pounds of beef, weight is still 90+kg, arm circumference of 50 cm or more, than the girl's thighs are thick.51 years old, he first participated in the city's bodybuilding competition, got the second, but with the professionals after the exchange to understand their own muscle circumference is actually fat circumference, muscle quality is not good.

after the game, zhu qin road, at their own expense to the national team training for 40 days, only tuition spent 10,000 yuan, but he began to pursue natural fitness, rather than muscle than the circumference.after the training came back, he took the initiative in the unit back the second line, all the energy into the fitness career.practice methods more scientific, diet is also more particular about, weight quickly fell to 68 kg.now his body fat content is only 10%, most people are 25%-30%.

since the 2009 really into the bodybuilding circle, zhu qin road, out of control , in a few years took more than 20 awards at all levels of competition.he participated in the principle of the game is no medication, and now the formal events are prohibited drug use, to promote natural fitness, each game into the top six players have to conduct urine test.

zhu qin lu wen usually in the amount of training the gym every day in the morning for two hours in the afternoon two hours to instrument-based, pre-tournament training volume will be doubled, in addition to the various training three hours in the afternoon outside, early in the morning a night but also running 1 hour respectively.every day, he is not in the gym, is to go to the gym on the road.

in the gym, in addition to his own training, but also the obligation to guide young people training.many young people watched him effortlessly raised 150 kilograms of barbells were stunned."i help young people training never charge, apprentice also do not charge this summer to guide a large medical students lose weight, from 260 pounds fell to 180 pounds, he was particularly happy."

oil-free salt, monthly"eat"out 6,000 yuan

practice fitness in addition to training to the next hard work, the diet should have perseverance.see zhu qin road, the text of the recipe, most people can address can not stand.

the first few years, zhu qin road, every day is 40 eggs plus 2 pounds of beef, high weight.after studying in beijing, he every day to eat the main food for 40 eggs or 3 kg of chicken breast or 2 kg of beef or a large bass, four kinds of turns to eat, plus some vegetables, 8 meals a day, but the carbohydrate intake of not more than 400 grams, no later than 6 o'clock after dinner to eat.

zhu qin lu wen not only eat more, and eat the big oil salt xuzhou people can not accept, almost no oil and no salt.eggs are all white water eggs, all the meat is steamed to eat, because the steam when the oil are leaked, or even boiled meat will contain a lot of oil.all the vegetables are all raw, or only pickled."foreigners eat more attention, they will paste the meat into the paste, because chewing will waste heat and protein."zhu qin road, said he also bought a small household appliances for crushing meat.

usually encountered shirk entertainment, zhu qin wen will also participate in the road, but also often invite friends for dinner, but dinner every time he has to bring their own food, do not stick to any dish on the table.xuzhou favorite spicy soup, buns, he has not eaten for many years, have forgotten what the taste of the.

every year, he will give his family a table of good food, they are still oil and no salt.

before the game in order to salt, zhu qin road, cooking with distilled water.long-term do not eat the salt on the natural body is not good, he will eat more raisins and other organic salts containing fruit.

yesterday at noon, zhu qin road, lunch is 3 large pieces of chicken breast meat, 4 carrots, a sweet potato plus a bowl of oatmeal.because there is no race this year, in order to reward has been 8 months without eating their own oil, he added a little olive oil to the chicken meat fried fried.

in this way of eating, zhu wen qin way to spend 6,000 yuan per month, most of the wages he"take", but fortunately he is now in the fitness industry award success has been known to participate the cost of the competition is borne by the organizer.

years of practice fitness, zhu qin luwen not only has a beautiful shape, mental outlook and physical quality are better than the average person.when climbing the young people often dumped very far.he hoped that the elderly in xuzhou in the conditions permitting to fitness.

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