manchester united liverpool mourinho to protect the advantages of victory into victory

weekend, england's most heavy derby war will be staged, manchester united will be an anfield against liverpool.this is the focus of the current round of war, get the attention of many, manchester united to unbeaten record in the standings on the standings, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, but because of the goal of less than a goal after the city, and liverpool is experiencing a lot of big battles, both four goals victory over arsenal, but also five ball defeat manchester city, manchester united 7 points behind only seven, performance the ups and downs are shocking.and chamberlain this topic people let a lot of people for this thrift.

recent british commentator mark bruce lists manchester united and liverpool are currently able to play the best 11 people, manchester united has eight people, much ahead of liverpool.

in the goalkeeper, degea is undoubtedly the best, although this two seasons, the manchester united defense line makes degea lens a lot less, more of his ridicule, but if you look closely at the game, his many wonderful saves to ensure that manchester united"zero closure"times ranked first in the premier league , if not deheya brave performance, perhaps manchester united may not be able to win so easily.liverpool's carrieus or miniori are currently unable to compare with manchester united's door gods.

in defender, manchester united captain valencia and bailey, jones, ashley young, formed a solid defense portfolio.if yang replaced damian or blind to play the left, then manchester united features two sides will be very obvious, are able to defend the defenders, the speed can not be doubted, which for liverpool's fast play can play a good curb effect.

liverpool, both sides of the klein, milner and others will have to be a lot less, milner more because of the effectiveness of manchester united three rivals leeds united, manchester city, liverpool was named the most red devils fans hate man of.liverpool this season, the number of balls lost more than manchester united a full 10, klopp on the defensive still there is a big problem, mourinho is bound to find ways to continue to find the red army loopholes.

zhan selected.marthy's outstanding performance to manchester united midfielder reborn, and zhan's performance is also much better than last season, in the national team game, the two were their own country to bring goals, and serbia and germany are directly promoted world cup, the state is very good.

in the offensive midfield, due to the absence of bogba, kutiniao became the two most midfielder midfielder his performance, to a large extent determine the final results of aid salah scored six goals this season, the performance of the version, manchester united to be very careful of the horse raid ability.because the case of injury outside the horse, rushford was selected this position, compared to marshall, mourinho may be more inclined to double red will use rushford, fancy his better defense and run dynamic ability.

in the front line, lukaku is the best player.although mourinho on belgian coach martinez in the case of advance qualify, still persistent use lukaku and feel dissatisfied.but lukaku injury recovery, and finally did not hurt so that mourinho peace of mind a lot, but for belgium only kicked less than half an hour can harvest goals, proved that the striker did not receive injuries, the state or very hot.

despite the face, manchester united dominated by liverpool, but football is round, everything can happen.through the performance of the season, mourinho on the transformation of manchester united is very effective, the team's ability to improve the speed of a lot of good for the klopp good fast play should not be too worried.more importantly, how to let the players from the national team in the game to adjust to the game of the game atmosphere, to overcome the impact of fatigue, as soon as possible to restore a good game state, perhaps in front of the two leaders to solve the problem.

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