she was too much because of the ass was now off against the supermodel

26-year-old british girl charlie-howard(charli howard) is a popular red

model, she and many big brands have had cooperation, and frequent boarding fashion magazines, however, bright behind the famous road is full of twists and turns.the picture shows charlie-howard recent photo.

since the 16-year-old has just entered the model industry, the ass is too big, because her hip is twice the size of the model standard, she was frequently rejected, the company also asked her to hip to be reduced to 34 inches(86.36 cm), which makes charlie feel inferior at the same time into a crazy state of weight loss.the picture shows charlie's old photo, plump, she laughed sweet and sunny.

"i am getting thin, menstrual stops, nails become blue and purple, because there is no blood circulation, hair constantly falling."charley in the"today"section interview recalled:"when you look at the mirror, but never feel that they are very thin when you take pictures , people will choose to make you look more thin point of view to shoot.this is a continuous disturbing thoughts."caught in self-denial chari is very painful.

the company.chalie said that over the years she has been trying to lose weight and narrow her hips to meet industry standards.she admitted that in the last year when shooting, although the time is still smaller than it is now, but the photo has not been modified before, she still did not have the courage to see themselves wearing a bikini look.the picture shows the weight loss after the chari.

an accidental shooting experience changed charlie's life, and in 2016 she participated in a group called"all kinds of women"(all kinds of women) large, in the shooting she saw a lot of confident women, their body is not perfect, but still become a good model, she was gradually try to like your big buttocks.charlie proudly shared an advertisement for her endorsement on instagram.

brand, advertising language is"my value is not someone else's view of me."currently, charlie often shows her body on her instagram page, encouraging her 100,000 fans to love their bodies.