averaging only points! beijing small foreign aid lethality less than small ding guo less difficult to do marbury heroes

5 points victory over tianjin, beijing men's basketball team won the preseason first win, to avoid falling into the embarrassment of the three-game losing streak.however, as the beijing men's basketball team, one of the small foreign aid team, jackson is still awkward.holding up to$2.2 million in salary, which is also accused of the beijing team's first high salary, but jackson only get 15 points.in the foreign aid frequently runaway cba, jackson's data is bad, even by liu xiaoyu have pressed a head.liu xiaoyu got 23 points, became the team's offensive arrow and the core of the organization.

the worse is that this is not the first time jackson's poor performance, he was in the previous two preseason is also difficult to make beijing men's basketball satisfaction.the first battle to get 22 points, still worth mentioning, jackson's second war is only 11 points recorded.cba rely on foreign aid to conquer the world, jackson only get 11 points, beijing men's basketball and talk about how to win, they were in that game was slaughtered in guangdong.3 games only to get a total of 48 points, jackson averaged 16 points of data, is extremely shabby.can not be compared with many of the top small foreign aid, jackson's lethality is not even as good as the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, some small chinese players.there is the first point guard in asia, said guo allen averaged 19.9 points last season, while the new division mvp ding yan yu is averaging 24.2 points.this is guo ailun in the regular season data, the face of the defensive intensity is much larger than jackson's preseason.is the last season so that the beijing men's basketball team is not satisfied marbury averaged 21.4 points, which is stronger than jackson's.

beijing men's basketball team dissatisfied with marbury, this is because he averaged the last season cba small foreign aid in the worst.at the same time, marbury's performance began to decline, although there are still decided to match the high light moment, but can not continue to contribute to the stability of the fire.as the absolute core of the beijing men's basketball team, marbury did not play well, the team is also difficult to have good results, and ultimately missed the playoffs.in this case, the beijing men's basketball team asked marbury to transform the coach, so bid farewell to the stadium.however, marbury insisted on another year, the two sides parted ways.

marbury help beijing men's basketball team won three championships, yes team history of the most successful foreign aid, beijing men's basketball team to give up his suffering by the public opinion of the bombing.in fact, the beijing men's basketball team to abandon marbury is not wrong, because he really old, regardless of the breakthrough or shooting are not the original power, is to organize the team attack has become powerless.the new season marbury is a year old, the state probably will become worse.in fact, it is so, marbury on behalf of the north to play when the state slipped more powerful, single-digit single-digit game more up.

to abandon marbury is not wrong, but the beijing men's basketball team in the choice of old horse successor may have made a mistake.wanted to find a play when the small foreign aid team to return to the playoffs, and even have the opportunity to impact the championship, beijing men's basketball hit heavily to sign jackson.beijing basketball hope that jackson can be like the peak of the marbury, breaking no one can prevent, can use three-pointers to kill opponents, and jackson has also expressed the hope that the same as marbury to help the team to take the championship.unfortunately, through the preseason performance found that jackson's lethality is not enough, not reach the peak of the height of marbury.the attack is not enough, jackson in the organization of the team attack on no excels, he wanted to lead the team back to the playoffs have become difficult.