rio bodhisattva was the most painful punishment in the history of the brazilian olympic committee

brazil rio olympic games in the past has been more than a year, it has long faded olympic enthusiasm, start looking forward to the 2018 world cup in russia.but a few days ago, the rio olympic games once again into the public eye.on suspicion of instructing others to bribe the ioc membership of$2 million, the chairman of the brazilian olympic committee, 2016 rio organizing committee chairman carlos nuzman was formally the same time the ioc decided to suspend the work of the brazilian olympic committee and freeze the subsidies to the brazilian olympic committee and the payment of the support payments, the rights of members of the brazilian olympic committee will be canceled.

now, the rio olympic games slot full, even tucao is the"worst of the olympic games", is also a matter of matter.but even after the fall of the accounts, can not smooth my olympic games on the"hatred", because the chinese team suffered too many unfair treatment.

bin is the first international boxing match to implement the international boxing champion since the first player to obtain the world champion, is also the first olympic qualifying players.but in the men's boxing 46-49 kg class competition, lu bin audience clearly prevailed, once the opponent hit the seconds, the results were judged by the referee to the kenyan athletes peter wawu.after the game, lu bin burst into tears, kneel kisses and kisses the fist.

just won the 2017 world championship debut champion

in the women's personal uneven bars, the chinese teenager fan yulin completed the world's most difficult uneven bars performance, and by virtue of this difficulty moves into the final easy.but the referee began the"show", only given 15.266 points, resulting in the final ranked ninth missed fan yulin final.

kg is the chinese player li yajun red gold good show, she first try to show 123 kg when the performance is easy, see the display shows a white one red, li yajun will bar down.subsequently, in order to ensure that the champion, li yajun added weight to 126 kg, helpless two the chinese coaching staff in the background to celebrate the win, the referee will be sentenced to the results of the referee to the chinese side, that moment is like a thunderbolt.and liya jun also because of three failed, the final score to zero bid farewell to the olympic stadium.

the wrong flag is a brazilian manufacturer.

there is the injustice of the athletes, the rio olympic games there is even more heinous, that is, even to provide the wrong version of the chinese flag, and incorrigible.

in the women's 100m backstroke final, the chinese players fu yuanhui and canada players tied for third place.but at the ceremony of the ceremony, the chinese flag was hung below the canadian flag.according to the provisions of the award-winning national flag should be tied, rio's practice is puzzling.

of course these are past things, we have a lot of adults can not care about.but rio bocog, you really owe an apology to china.

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