the opposite sex wrestling contest you have seen no rules to limit the game more exciting friends: i have to participate

a few days ago, the indian movie"wrestling daddy"touched countless people, in the movie there are girls and boys with wrestling game scenes.but in real life, because the physical structure of men and women are not the same, the game is carried out separately, some time ago italy held a very special wrestling contest, the scene is very hot, and even some eclectic.

the game is easy to learn, the biggest rule is no rules, which can be described as very wonderful work, we all thought that men should take advantage, but the result is very unexpected.some female athletes and men in the game, did not fall under the wind, they are experienced, and even beat the male players.

but the male athletes did not suffer, lost as if nothing was discouraged.but very enjoy the way, friends said:this game is really good, i have to participate.

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