see women star to participate in rice table diving how struggling friends: athletes really easy

as we all know, the chinese diving team known as the"diving dream team", they are the king of the chinese sports division, the birth of many famous world famous, such as:guo jingjing, fu mingxia, tian liang, chen ruolin and so on.watching the athletes from the high-end take off, complete a series of beautiful movements, and finally perfect into the water, called the visual feast, but this series of actions is not as easy as you think.

there is a reality show, invited a lot of stars to participate in 10 meters high platform diving the let them after a period of professional training, and ultimately overcome the difficulties, standing on the high liu yuxin standing on the high platform expression nervous, dare not jump down.

national goddess like wang likun also participated 10 diving, had to admire her courage.

many users address him:"wang likun suyan too beautiful!"

the singer chord is equally courageous, jumping from the initial 1 meter to 10 meters.

taiwan, the performance is amazing.

from the program is not difficult to see, female stars after a period of training , or it is difficult to complete a simple action, not to mention the station to 10 high platform to complete.most of the diving athletes are from beginning to start a professional training, pay the sweat is difficult to imagine ordinary people.see the female star to participate in the difficulty and performance of diving programs, is enough to prove how difficult female athletes.