xie xingfang really good wife! frequently send pictures sun happy life the cameraman exposed the stuffing!

lin dan and xie xingfang is the chinese badminton condor heroes, both have outstanding badminton skills, have won the world championship, and have ranked first in the world.xie xingfang 28-year-old choose to retire, and then concentrate on the husband and wife, as lin dan behind the helpless.even if the lindane derailment events make uproar, but xie xingfang still choose to forgive lindane, and with him through the most difficult time.today, xie xingfang like to send photos in the social platform, drying out their own healthy life, alone, mountains and rivers, enjoy the moment, get the netizens point praise.

the evening of october 11, xie xingfang made a photo on the social platform, and lamented the autumn and winter season to hide at home comfortable:"autumn and winter come, or stay at home comfortable, small drink, warm body"

the same as a single appearance, but careful users quickly found the photo"exposed stuffing", because of which hidden another person, that is the cameraman.moreover, from the window of the fuzzy outline can be seen, the cameraman is likely to be the olympic champion lin dan!

netizens have joked:"dange is also the last chance to chant mirror","vaguely see the dan brother","dan brother is the focus of the photo."

others said they really would advertise:"a yonex even slippers is the home of the fan's sister is also the united states and the united states~~ ps:i seem to see the camera who""fang jie as the spokesperson of the advertising spokesperson is also very competent!"

100 million signed the japanese sports brand younikesi, the contract for up to 10 years, so we see lin dan and xie xingfang many supplies are provided by younikesi, lindane occasionally in the social platform for publicity.

as most accomplished superstars on the history of badminton, lin dan kept for a long for a period of time the peak period, he won the country for more than one world champion.lin dan is currently going to adhere to the tokyo olympics, which, xie xingfang support played a very big role.lin dan there are three days to 34 years old, to the tokyo olympic games is 37 years old, if lin dan really insist to 3 years later, it is definitely a myth.hope lin dan xie xingfang happy life, but also wish in advance of dan happy birthday!