zhou qi preseason for the first time have the opportunity to swallow the ball harden in the sidelines straight stare!

beat the opponent more than 89.in the game, zhou qi in the last period of"garbage time", debut 4 minutes, only lost a three-pointers, the final 0 score, grabbed a rebounds.rocket win, zhou qi also won the 4 minutes debut time, but this is the most confident zhou qi performance time.the main center capella performance is very eye-catching, got 15 points and nine rebounds and five blocks, zhou qi in order to get more debut time, need more confidence.harden support, zhou qi really afraid.

look at the performance of the rocket starting center capella.the face of small gasol, capella is not timid.9 vote 5, free throws 5 penalty five, contributed 15 points at the same time, contributed 9 rebounds and 5 blocks, he is the rocket inside the gate.in the case of harden paul shots poorly, capella's strong play to help the rockets win.

but compared to capella's eye-catching performance, zhou qi at the end of the game section of the 4 minutes debut time, almost no any dazzling performance, his biggest shortcoming is not enough confidence.the end of the game, zhou qi twice in the inside of the formation of dislocation, but he did not have the right to teammates, watching zhou qi hesitant, zhou qi's teammates did not give the ball to zhou qi.watching zhou qi in the field is not enough confidence, harden on the sidelines straight stare......

h1> 4 games preseason, zhou qi have been debut opportunities, but the field and the grizzlies a war, zhou qi was the first time failed to score the game, but also for the first time no cap of the game.zhou qi in order to get debut opportunities, is bound to need from the"garbage time"playing.zhou qi really need is to enhance self-confidence, in the game to dare to show their own.