the war in the irony, the team's wolf?wujing body shame shoot in homage to ibrahimovic let football

this paragraph of time, to say the most popular film and television play, directed the wujing "2" the war Wolf, data show that the channel TV box office has more than 3 billion, many directors heart of envy, it seems, if haven't the cinema to see, just feeling behind The Times.However, for people who love sports, especially football, "2" the war Wolf also did not let you down, the wujing play football.

at the time of" war Wolf 2 "propaganda, appears a lot about the wujing football posters, can be seen from the posters, Wu Jinghe a bunch of African friends playing on the beach, although there is no professional equipment, condition is very hard, but you look very enjoy this sport.

as you can see from this picture, wujing feet should be very good, the foot volley will catch a professional football player's feet.This action let small make up remind of big serve zlatan ibrahimovic, his goal is often difficult, what down, scorpion put tail, such as common, don't know, wu is director in salute to ibrahimovic?

of course, in addition to the feet, wujing abs is cause the attention of the fans, in a sense, martial arts of people and athletes, should insist to take exercise every day, to keep the good physical quality, wu to do this.

take a look at some of our national soccer team players.As the Chinese super hot, international players worth Dally to rise, transfer fees, ready to hundreds of millions of than 2002 golden generation have a lot of high income, but ability?Backsliding, and of course, it related to many factors, but one thing cannot be denied: now this batch of player physical ability and elder people really can't.

although Mrs Wang ability is good, in QuanJian also ushered in the second spring, but the half-court fitness is also the biggest disadvantage, if have enough training usually, how also not have proud flesh?

of course, what proud flesh is proportional with skill, but in most cases, this represents a kind of attitude.Fifteen years ago, Chinese football can crush opponents use body, southeast Asian countries called "China's first team," now?Don't say in the face of Japan and South Korea, even in the face of former pushovers of southeast Asia, Thailand and Vietnam that do not have enough grasp to win.

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