Tianjin QuanJian renesola beam of words, some football association


New Deal after the football association, this season is undoubtedly the most hurt QuanJian tianjin.Recently, tianjin QuanJian boss renesola beam accepted the media interview.

tianjin QuanJian renesola beam of words, some football association weakness

renesola beam, said: "football as a business practices, absolutely can't do (the football as a business practices) this is a don't understand the market, people who do not understand economic said. If anyone tells you that he do the football to make money, it must be to do false account. If you want to let the club not loss, this is a joke, don't do football to make a profit. Behind the club has a parent, there is a supporting enterprise, as an investor, want to have good thoughts rather than commercial thoughts."

accounting fraud, this sentence is a bit extreme, after all, the Chinese super league and liaoning, yanbian two teams not losses.Behind a word is big, big clubs in the back of all matrix, football is only a fraction of their industry.So, as long as the mother continues to have high profitability, club is not afraid of losing money.

tianjin QuanJian renesola beam of words, some football association weakness

this is why, Chinese super to the cause of the rapid rise, also is the Chinese super league team to the root of the team in the champions league victory over Japan and South Korea.How about now?

renesola beam of this passage, we can see from the other side of the football association do not understand the economy.Because, really, in the eyes of the football association to the Chinese super league as an economic perspective.This is really ridiculous, the football association to ask Mr Xu, he is investing in guangzhou Evergrande, counting on Evergrande profitable?On the same, also can ask jiangsu su ning, Shanghai port, Beijing guoan, shandong luneng.

tianjin QuanJian renesola beam of words, some football association weakness

the development of Chinese football market is not sufficient, there can be no European environment, it is impossible to have the European teams of profitability.So, cannot leave renesola beam "good ideas".

according to the thinking of the Chinese football association, the Chinese super league is only one way out.Which day, such as class, one team is all China team scores might improve, but few viewers the Chinese super league.Even if China into the World Cup, again how?Several people have conditions of the scene to watch football, even if go to, can see a few?On weekdays, insulation with football again.

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