Blockbuster!Premier league team more plunder J, the most unexpected buyers emerged

the real Madrid star cristiano ronaldo is the transfer market this summer J's signature, the champions league final squad means he can't enter the game at real Madrid's journey ended, it was still in limited playing time has very good performance, but he still cannot move zinedine zidane, can only say that the real Madrid squad is too luxury.

J ROM core to go, real Madrid would not stay, but real Madrid want to withdraw from him 7000 - transfer fee of 75 million euros, according to the J's strength and higher current player value, 75 million is not high, J's favorite team is mourinho's Manchester united, the two sides were very close, but according to British media reports, J, is not of jose mourinho's first choice, in that position, bell and di maria is in front of the J lo.

Chelsea and Arsenal have also expressed strong interest, but the transfer fee of 75 million euros is they can't accept, see J, transfer and into a soap opera, the most unexpected buyers appeared.

according to the daily star reports that tottenham team formally to real Madrid for J, Mr Perez believes that J's style is suitable for tottenham, besides can give Kane ammunition, J's long shots is success, just like the past of the bell at white hart lane, a critical moment to flashes of J.

spurs last season's premier league runners-up, middle and later periods of the season to Chelsea made a lot of pressure, the team under the guidance of wave cut cupertino rising steadily, their goal is to the premiership title next season, the spurs a relatively balanced three line, but in a lot of players were giants clubs.

after the end of the season, many media reports, pep guardiola to tottenham array of ali and walker is very interested in, especially the young talents, ali play this season almost locking the core status of England in the future, in addition to Manchester city, real Madrid, Barcelona, bayern Munich and other giants are staring at the ali, once ali to leave, the J is the best choice of the attacking midfielder.

J's goal is to go to a competitive league and can participate in the champions league, so far, tottenham is absolutely J ROM can consider options.

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