Tianjin QuanJian: heaven fell off a big pie

diego costa, this had drool right of tianjin health today, Spanish, this is cannavaro as tianjin QuanJian CSL win the last piece of the puzzle of top center, finally come to the Chinese super league.

a few days ago, of costa received the Chelsea boss conte on leave a message, the content is: diego: hello, I hope all is well with you.Thank you for this season we spent together.Good luck to next season, but you are not in my plan.Conte's meaning is clear, you can go in the summer, because you are not in my team plans for next season.

tianjin QuanJian: drop down a big pie in the sky

for costa, if you want to go, to go back to the Spanish or Chinese super, became his only two options.In the Chinese football association is limited under the background of the introduction of foreign aid for, perhaps return to la liga is a good choice.In simple terms, is to return to atletico Madrid, regression costa his fame.

but atletico Madrid's recent condition were not much better.Some time ago, atletico Madrid just off the transfer ban by uefa, they will be banned from signings in the summer of today.In this case, also ran aground the atletico Madrid a lot of big business, including Gerry boltzmann transfer to Manchester united.As a result, costa almost broken dreams atletico Madrid.

tianjin QuanJian: drop down a big pie in the sky

as the saying goes, god never shuts one door but he opens another.Recently, according to England "Evening Standard", according to the given atletico boss wang jianlin with many in the Chinese super league club boss has a very good relationship, they can sign first costa, rent to the Chinese super league team again.Atletico Madrid's idea is to use the relationship to costa half a season on loan at CSL.Wait until next January, just the end of CSL, costa can regain registered again, kill two birds with one stone of it.For costa, he only needed to in the first half of the Chinese super league play, and have a certain amount of salary rise, so why not?

tianjin QuanJian: drop down a big pie in the sky

for tianjin QuanJian, so cheap and fine good deal, it's a piece of a delivery to the "fat".Both to circumvent the football association of the foreign aid the transfer limit, and be able to get such a top foreign aid is a popular, is really a dream will laugh awake.It's as if the sky drop down a pie, how suddenly hit his head?Associated tianjin QuanJian again after cleaning the king of the black tile mourinho and two foreign aid, aren't they are waiting for the arrival of the costa?

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