Marbury go unattended Yang yi, panic, CBA is not interested in yao declined, is trying to transformation


marbury go unattended Yang yi, panic, CBA is not interested in yao declined, is trying to transform

in the CBA this offseason, the biggest news is Beijing no contract exploits foreign aid marbury.This event not only sports headlines for many times, the material of primary and secondary school examination.

all the fans and media criticism Beijing not the milk of human kindness, feat can't give the player a chance to die, take out time even ri.While Beijing men's basketball team is merciless had harsh words: Beijing basketball does not belong to any groups.

the "squad" refers to the Chinese brokerage team of marbury, the core of the team members include the well-known commentator Yang yi, raptors and others.Can now, the doctor say: if you don't have the brokerage team's mediating and packaging, marbury may still be the hero of the CBA, but not as successful as they are now.

the NBA or the five major league soccer, brokers and media people can never be part-time.And subtle relationship between and, the agent needs to struggle hard for players competing interests, and the best Windows media player is always propaganda image!On Yang yi team, but the CBA, such delicate relationship between like nature itself, and like a duck to water.

marbury go unattended Yang yi, panic, CBA is not interested in yao declined, is trying to transform

Yang yi as an associate editor of the sports weekly plus all the year round in the NBA, CCTV5 commentary has extremely broad media platform, and still have many followers, influence.He has to use its own advantages in the field of sports media, to shape marbury became Beijing men's basketball hero, the hero of the city, as well as the hero of the CBA.You know marbury join in Beijing before, to play in foshan and shanxi etc, but never had so much influence.Marbury's success in China, from Yang yi team as its agent, and the transfer of Beijing.

Beijing men's basketball team under the guidance of marbury also reached peak, three CBA championship triumphs in four years, we have the guangdong tigers of the dominant force horrendous, liaoning and xinjiang.But CBA league last season, the aged marbury not obviously, while the "smoke effusion" to fight the image is still great, but in the CBA league, advance village has become increasingly difficult, Beijing also to make the playoffs the regret!

after failing to choose from these mistakes, it is human nature!While Beijing choose to change, the first of the moving knife is marbury, although Beijing men's basketball team player + coach conditions are given, but was blocked by the Yang yi team.And after Beijing renounced marbury, Yang yi team use the media to voice and personal influence to push Beijing men's basketball team to the forefront.

marbury go unattended Yang yi, panic, CBA is not interested in yao declined, is trying to transform

but in the game, Yang yi, the team eventually lost the battle.But as a broker for players seeking higher is the value of duty, so give you hardly have become the most important thing.To join in a period of time, from time to time taking a horse cloth BeiKong, join guangdong, join the poor, and even join in liaoning, but were rumours that one by one.Everybody can see, this is the economic team in a spin!

and the embarrassment of Yang yi team is currently they want to seek an influential team, can make the horse cloth curtain call performances like kobe, but not interested in a CBA team.Later, Yang yi team and raptors also used before the interview with yao in Houston, the relationship between active and looking for marbury to join the Chinese men's basketball team the possibility of the coaching staff.

but the Olympic men's basketball team coach team basically is selected by coach Du Feng, misia, misia chose australians gore as a ta, Du Feng expressed the hope that teacher Mr Yunus can help themselves, so the location of the men's basketball team nor marbury.

by national team declined after Yang yi team still unwilling, according to people familiar with the matter, for now, they are talking to a live network media platform marbury do explanation and the possibility of doing sports programs.Anyway, Yang yi, the team's goal is only one - to the retired former maximizes the value of marbury's business!

of course, if the next season marbury to leave China also need not strange, although he said he love Beijing, love China!

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