Inter milan manager: Su Ningke easily to buy ronaldo, but uefa are not allowed

Thursday local time make a speech at a local university in milan, inter milan sporting director Mr. Leo is irreparably dropped out of the west, he said suning group completely to buy ronaldo's financial resources, but can't put into practice because of financial fair law restrictions.

inter manager: Su Ningke easily to buy ronaldo, but uefa does not allow

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inter change constantly in recent years, the ownership of the club from massimo moratti handed over to the hill on the hand, and then to today's suning group name.Oce Leo said, "the director and the boss is not stable, it is very difficult to have planning, we enter into the third year, opened up a new planning."

"we abandon the concept of moratti era, the club will no longer be owned by one family. treat inter patron massimo moratti very passionate, he is not doing business in inter milan, he didn't away from inter milan 1 euro, but just for the sake of reproduction is father in inter's achievement. "

", one of Indonesia pian-pian gentleman hill took over, he is good at doing business, lead to inter into a new era, his club must think of some way to get profit, because uefa will no longer allow the boss directly to the club."

"now, we have to think about club profit, otherwise we take part in the war will be restricted. every day, I will read some reports about inter buying one, but the truth is, we must respect the salary cap. our turnover is from 2 to 230 million euros, and stability to champions Juventus over the years, sales reached 400 million euros."

"after juve demoted in 2006, made a special business model, they through the success of the business development, make the club more and more money, they invest in youth, and built their own stadium, they gradually raise the wage cost."

"now juve is stable in performance and business, it makes them beyond the other Italian clubs. The bigger the gap may be more, because you couldn't get through the purchase of the best players to cut the gap, more often than not, the best player in the income, they will join those who are able to give him money, and can play in the champions league teams, because they also want to champion."

"we have to take some risks, sometimes we will be successful, sometimes not. I'm gabriel barbosa? - no, this is different, I also hard to explain why he is not successful in inter."

" inter had tried to sign Mr Barak, but our quotation offer there is a difference of 20 million euros, with Juventus in the end Mr Barak to juve. now, you can't literally smashed in the transfer market out of 2 to 300 million euros, not we don't want to, but can't."

"now our background is very rich, new China the boss can easily to buy one of the most famous players in the world, such as cristiano ronaldo, but the truth is, we can't do that, because of the limitation of financial fair act. "

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