Rich imagination, about two national teams team pageant and strategies for the test

a. selection order:

1. The men's basketball team selection from the first selected 30 ~ 40 different location is excellent players;

2. The newly formed national two coaches team draw, and then decide who to pick first, just like before choose advances in the opening minutes half way;

example: if a coach team to choose first, before the first round of the five, one round of the chosen, then choose a, b choose two, after the first are chosen as the position of 12345, the second round the back of the two two rounds of the selected (namely) of two teams once selected, or three three rounds of the chosen;This will ensure that both teams the power equilibrium position workers.

as 24 elite spread out below, for the 2 colors, coach team.(like the NBA rookie hall, also like license plate auction, two coaches team sitting in the audience for brand, media broadcast live, let fans around the display great curled)

guard (pg & amp; score) : Zhao Jiwei Pg have no opinion of jean valjean Xiao-yu liu West thermal jiang Liu wei

striker: ZhaiXiaoChuan Vince ri Ding Yanyu air catering to blue white Xiao-xu li Hu Jinqiu Zhang Chunjun (royal day for shorts Zhao Tailong

center (including large before) : yi housekeeper Zhelin wang Li Muhao Han Dejun Zou Yuchen TaoHanLin

b. city hosted test

during the training, once a week for test, hosting packages to different cities, like the CBA league, such as Beijing, Shanghai, shandong, liaoning, zhejiang, hunan, hubei, fujian, sichuan, xinjiang, guangdong, shenzhen, etc., it is best to have a XX cup, on the basis of 10 ~ 15 games, more against the bulls team, will be on behalf of the national team in 2017 - or 2017 games.

this and can produce results, and stimulation of the local market, but also can make money economy;At the same time also can make up for the CBA league without events after short-term fans.

c. Isaiah whereas

if you have 10 ~ 15 matches, is almost a third of the amount of the CBA league, midway through injury and work output, not can change at any time, it is good for the club, and, of course, can not be unscientific training have the residual soil.

at the same time, the two national team to participate in appropriate international invitational, Ruth cup and so on.Through a third party team assessed the level of the two teams, including coach practice preachings.

training, in addition to the effect to revenue, also don't ignore the market;Only influence to expand the market, there is a market development, in order to profit.Believe that the new promotion department of the Chinese basketball association, will not easily give up the cake.

imagine simply a two national coach team, the national team selected, is a huge and sensational topics, such as operation like choose a rookie in the NBA, for packaging, live, is also highly anticipated, the ratings will be at a record high.

and city tour tournament, once a week to let fans watch around, like the all-star game, to see their favorite players, the trust will not ice.

besides, two national teams to form a purpose, is to fight, for a lot of fans monitoring and enjoy a high level of test, is itself to market economy.Exciting players, to the coaching staff pressure, give league team city fans supervision, to keep the market.

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