The documentary, let you really understand "hardware owner" sun


"the direction of the wind More suitable for fly

I am not afraid of ten million people Is oneself to surrender "

4.17, the 2017 national swimming championships last day, accompanied by their cover" stubborn ", sun waves, in the project of 1500 meters first touch the wall, and the swept from 100 meters to 1500 meters freestyle all his personal project of five gold MEDALS , is the "king" of freestyle, netizens are calling for "hardware owner".

this documentary, let you really understand the hardware owner

five gesture, meaning the individual project hardware

back in 2007, sun Yang Gang into the national team, the height 2 meters tall, standing in front of people is so young and ignorant.

in 2011, broke the world record in the men's 1500 m freestyle, set a new world record in the dusty for ten years.

in 2012, the London Olympics, double fame, but because the young become "recruit blackbody";

won three gold MEDALS in 2013;

2016 Rio the date the champion since 200, with a result proved himself, but to become rivals in the eyes of "drug cheat" drugs cheats .

Chinese man swimming team won 12 gold MEDALS so far in the world competition, the big tall grabbed 10 pieces .

a flower today to introduce a documentary "the swimmer sun, to the sun, including drugs, negative news.

this documentary, let you really understand the hardware owner

" the swimmer sun "

" in the age of 17, cold after being diagnosed with viral myocarditis, the doctor prescribed a named trimetazidine against myocardial ischemia of medicine.

this beginning in 2014, was listed in the world anti-doping agency disabled list .

"is the national swimming championships in 2014, was found to use banned substances trimetazidine.

hearing, sun gives evidence, to prove himself is to use the drug to treat heart problems.

"doping" incident, he was questioned, caused quite a stir.

since sun Yang cheng name, actually his negative events.

by driving without a license administrative detention punishment;

coach break and cooperation for eleven years;

the documentary, true and commendable is that it not trying to avoid negative news .

this documentary, let you really understand the hardware owner

negative news constantly

our understanding of athletes game stop the glorious moment, the public and the media is tough, we tend to think, they are not to make mistakes, so when they appeared negative news, will feel unforgivable.

this documentary gives us a real player, sun recover from the depression of melting, back into the training.

high intensity training every day, refrain from eating, falling sickness, training all the year round face on mental stress and public opinion with blow...

few athletes can stick!

this documentary, let you really understand the hardware owner

this year is the sun into the national team in the first ten years, and he carried the flag of the Chinese swimming team, and become the new captain for the Chinese swimming team.This year the sun will be 26 years old, for a man swimming athletes, 24, is often a watershed, especially for freestyle athletes, few people can is still in the peak at the age of 26.

the last film, Sun Yangping static ground to say:

"started to swim at the age of seven, three kilometers a day on average, 12 athletes, on an average day thirteen thousand km, up to now has been more than five thousand days, the earth a circle of more than forty thousand meters, he had to swim for more than a circle."

for fans of the broad masses of the Chinese swimming sun is still in a state of peak, this is really good news.Blessing of Kings ", let us cherish the few can also continue to appreciate the swimmers, s sun stroke.

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