Yao Mingbang liu guoliang "golden idea", is a landmark for table tennis

chairman yao's "national team" twins creative plan, not only the fans are all very attention, has attracted the attention of the top.

the so-called "twin" national team, is two completely independent, parallel, no personnel exchanges of the national team.

these two national teams, not in, the second team, is not the first team, the reserve team, not a national team, Olympic team, more than national team and the team.But the original national squad abruptly separation, into two, fair competition.

then, is the world series who badly.

Yao Mingbang liu guoliang

this is very interesting!

there is no doubt that competition is surely had, coaches and athletes have the pressure, and will be hard.

the problem is, so many players, a high level of basketball players is stretched, once divided into two teams, the strength not more down?

besides, even if the two team through the competition mechanism, develop a few good prospect, but, if the final two team to close together, and is a difficult problem.And, if ultimately to mix together, the style and the match problem, don't play two on each team?

total to feel the lame.

Yao Mingbang liu guoliang

but, anyway, thumb up for yao's chairman.

our country's sports system, so need to innovate.Whether can or not into innovation movement, the first to stand up.

maybe yao see now, chairman of the national team principal contradiction is the coaching staff and players have no sense of responsibility and ambition, manger, and take this way.

maybe this way is beneficial to more basketball star yao chairman stand out, and not to offend the Chinese basketball a lot of bosses.

maybe two years later, our national team that competition victory, not yi, housekeeper, pg...

Yao Mingbang liu guoliang

of course, none of this is, perhaps, let's see yao, chairman of the" New Deal "effect.

however, yao, chairman of the New Deal, but for table tennis has opened up a new train of thought.

the excess table tennis talent is really too much, but the tip of the pyramid is that three or four, across the country hundreds of practice can be a world champion, cook, sweep the toilet, never down.

if we table tennis to the 3578 national teams, each time the world series, in the domestic first selection, won the table tennis team to represent our country in the world series, not only for China's table tennis excitation energy, increase the thickness, mobilize enthusiasm;Or create a buzz, attract attention, to promote table tennis, was a wonderful golden idea.

in that case, can let more people to the world championship title, and pushed those old a world champion, must also be constant progress.

and, in the domestic competition, will make more high level table tennis players, directly into the audience's horizons.Rather than having to go to hard to organize "strongest surface 12 people".

Yao Mingbang liu guoliang

many so-called hair, have a remarkable.

basketball association chairman yao, China is likely to be a table tennis epochal character.

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