"Hero city" marbury by shougang "abandoned" shenzhen or his next stop

the CBA last round of the regular season, Beijing shougang in sichuan winner, marbury was also not back into the dressing room, 40 years old, old deadpan, he only put down the sentence, "I'll be back next season!"However, eager to rebuild Beijing shougang didn't give the horse this opportunity, within the club has decided to not agent contract for the "hero city", and convey the news to marbury.

marbury now nervous

get the news marbury's sad, like at the beginning of shanxi abandoned him.Marbury relentlessness, he is eager to get the lost back, like the finals team already in despair, he still helped to turn around the perimeter, kill the guangdong tigers, the "ding".But in the future, marbury may never hear the familiar wukesong gymnasium "MVP" sound.

just yesterday, shougang club also held a symposium convened the national capital media, the new Xie Haitian club club deputy general manager said, "the club still in active contact with marbury, but there is no a specific result. In the coming week, at the latest within two weeks, I think there will be a clear answer."

actually, shougang club this two weeks waiting for an answer, marbury is willing to stay in Beijing as coach of the team.But the horse is eager to play, he thinks that his body has enough support his complete high strength of CBA competition.He needs time to think, is to continue to stay in Beijing, or to other teams continued to play.

marbury if you want to continue to play a ball game, won the CBA league this year new century would be his fourth shenzhen next station, shenzhen aspects in that marbury to shougang is not prepared to sign a new contract, has made clear, welcome you joining .A few days ago, marbury has returned to Beijing from New York, take part in the film, but beyond that, he needs to give Beijing shougang club he decided to tell.

will wear a suit in the horse will not?

shougang team head coach of the kind of problem once said, not old, it is impossible to make himself and shougang's glory.As four years three champions league coach, the kind of problem position is to lead the team for the national games is more awkward, whether with the old contract he has said, shougang group hired Qin Xiaowen as Beijing shougang sports company general manager, responsible for players to introduce, etc.So far, shougang team coach all kind of problem is not renew the contract with the club.

as shougang club, they actually want to marbury left, become a coach.This from Xie Haitian yesterday in an interview with the media will be able to see, he said, "plays basketball after all, not a person, is a collective movement, the club hope marbury both off the pitch is the" Peking man ", the enterprising and desire for victory in the field of this spirit of 'marbury' stay in Beijing, stay in shougang."

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