"Magic" fuli govinda: "evil spell" approach to crack Thailand, was called "roll out in guangzhou"

2017 season rapid advances in guangzhou r&f jaw-dropping, five rounds of 13 points before the start to the season leading Chinese super and created since 2012 to the Chinese super league club new scoring record of guangzhou local team, who remember it was deep in relegation trouble, please mage approach for broken line circles in the past?

2015 season, guangzhou r&f in the champions league for the first time, but start is very good, first home defeat Singapore warriors, beat the central coast mariners are to enter the champions league and then beat the Japanese treble Osaka steel Pakistan.Guangzhou r&f afc champions of the early performance is very impressive, but soon plummet plot, especially a weird home "burnley," before and after the contrast as the two teams, amazing.

about the failure reason, jianghu fuli home "were falling head", circulating and rhythm: March 2, 2015, r&f south line came to the champions league group stage opponents in the yuexiu hill warming up on field, during the war in the south with the team owner Chen Naiwen fuli yuexiu stadium, walk to circle the kick-off point, with the feet trample on the lawn out of a hole, and mixed with mineral water, kneeling, also thanks to a few.Outlets have witnessed this scene was more than guangzhou, there is speculation Chen Naiwen the move is in the implementation of a southeast Asia witchcraft "falling head".

a day later, fuli home advanced under the condition of a ball, the loss of good, be suffered a first home defeat opponent reversed, then recovered, first at home never score, the next home 1-0 defeat in the south of the city FC;Even after the fifth round of the champions league group, home to a disastrous collapse type 0:5 in Osaka steel Pakistan, created the Chinese team and the champions league loss record.

fuli dismal record in the champions league group provoked a fans' backlash, part fuli fans began to revolt, who happened to be at this time of 12 fuli selling team, home to about the news of the spread, which directly lead to always moderate rational guangzhou fans shout out online fuli roll out "guangzhou" slogan.

about" the home were falling head "other" evidence ", in the shadow of the home row, fuli in the champions league away performance adequately, obtain four points.

then plot is more "laugh", according to Internet photos and related media times, as the crack in the NaLian boss Chen Naiwen in yuexiu hill set down head, on August 22, the day before the Chinese super league and sainty fuli unexpectedly brought in master approach in yuexiu stadium, then...

and then the next day at home to get the" fall "head's first win after rumors!

on the football field of witchcraft, reality is not uncommon.

close to most countries in the Sahara desert in Africa, the football team in order to gain competition advantage is often turned to witchcraft or magic.Football team, for example, may be the witch's next opponents to incantation, please.

ivory coast win the African cup of nations in 1992, now has a group of local wizard groups said the ivory coast win because they implemented a sorcery, require payment of the fee for ivory coast football, claiming that if we do not give money will curse the national team.Ivory coast football association has rejected the request, as a result, since then no record to win the championship for 23 years in the ivory coast international!In desperation, the ivory coast before and after the football association in 2010 paid a fee to them.

and the ivory coast finally African cup championship again in 2015.

may "curse" broken!

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