Snooker China: China Derby + fightback Hegemony is not a dream

tencent sports news China Derby, memorably, tenacious fight!There is no doubt that on April 18, 2017 the snooker world championship game, China day.Four Chinese player ding junhui, compiled, YanBingTao and Zhou Yuelong on the field at the same time, become a Chinese player in the world championships daily turnout.At the same time, their performance is more let a person look for in a Chinese snooker with.

Zhou Yuelong ding junhui, staged wonderful "Derby in China".As the runner-up last year, ding junhui at 7-2 a big lead over the first stage, the cruel let little teacher younger brother always having realized the world championships and difficult.And Zhou Yuelong can rob to 2 bureau also is not bad, think of ding junhui to debut at the 2007 world championship, was once a 2-10 bite the dust.In the past 10 years, he in the world athletics championships from novice to hot, last year won the runner-up.The 19-year-old Zhou Yuelong have the time to improve yourself.

compiled the gentle 39-year-old veteran, in fact has huge power body, you don't know when he can.The game, he is pumped to the 1/4 zone, the first round opponent bray cher, is a very energetic, was once a world championship competition's youngest player.The first stage, Mr. Cher will own momentum play incisively and vividly, 7-2 will be compiled into disrepute.Tough compiled didn't give up, the second stage with a more terrorist 8-2 manufacturing fightback.

19 December last year, the snooker in the Scottish open final in 2016, he beat the wizards 9-4 g higgins won the championship.The final, compiled a slow start to 1-4 big deficit.His body small universe erupted in a row after eight innings, scored his third champions league at the same time, broke the ranking title drought for 41 months.

17 YanBingTao sadly to 8 to 10 to stop the first round, but he has won the future, won the respect of the world, he could head left and look forward to the arrival of the next big swords.First round, he encountered the 2005 tournament champion shane murphy, the "stable" Mr Also use stability, 6-3 lead as the first stage.The second stage, he again to 9-5 to obtain a match point to disarm or fight, YanBingTao chose the latter, after he won three games, once let Mr "stability" was not calm.

although failed to implement fightback like compiled, as the first in the history of the snooker world championship, the second young players after 00, YanBingTao can from three rounds of qualifying what into the race, and have the amazing performance in the race, is enough to make people full of expectation for his future.

the world championships, a total of ding junhui, compiled, liang wenbo, guo-dong xiao, YanBingTao, Zhou Yuelong six Chinese players to participate in the race, created the Chinese player at one in the world championships.

which is compiled the 19th world tour, ding junhui is the 11th world tour, is liang wenbo in the third world tour, is the second time the guo-dong xiao's world tour, is the first time YanBingTao, Zhou Yuelong world tour.

you can see, compiled in the 70 s, 80 s, ding junhui and liang wenbo and guo-dong xiao, Zhou Yuelong, 00 YanBingTao after 90 s.China's high level of snooker player has been formed.Believe in the future, there will be more Chinese faces appeared in the world, will bring more better and more powerful.

compiled after reverse wrote: am I dreaming?He doesn't have a dream!In China, snooker, has a larger dream can win the world!(liu)

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