Memorably!Compiled firing into the top 16 in the second stage

tencent sports inquiry in 2016 - the snooker world championship season 17 in the crucible in combat.Players compiled of Hong Kong, China has experienced a roller coaster of the first round of contest, in the first stage after 2-7 behind luca - Mr. Selma, compiled in Beijing time today, the second phase of the firing again in the morning, with an 8-2, 10-9 breathtaking reversal, into the last 16.

Mr. Nasser was participating the youngest player in the history of the world championships.In 2012, the age of 17, he scored a world championship race.Compiled with his first round match against dramatic world championships.At the end of the day before the first stage, although compiled with 105, but still with 2-7 behind.Take 10 out of 19 sets world championship series, Mr. Selma in the second stage as long as 3 bureau can head into the second round.System of always game is like this, however, until the last moment, don't know who can have the last laugh.

the second stage after the match began, compiled firing again, the next two games, which also played the 75 and 83, will get into 4-7.The next two people each take a game, the score into 5-8.Becomes a compiled monologue.

Hong Kong, China will muster even under the tri-cities, tie into 8-8, two people return to the same starting line.Although Brussels with 78 9-8 lead again got the match point, but the big heart compiled experience more rich, tie into 9-9, the game into a decider.

decider, compiled to seize the opportunity to play single pole 46 and single stroke 56 minutes.From the first stage 2-7, compiled in the second phase of a wave 8-2 strong offensive, 10-9 2-1 reverse, into the last 16.

after the game, the world snooker website also praised compiled completed the rare "strikes back" in recent years.

compiled after the match said: "prior to this, when I was in play and bingham is also a reversal, at that time is in the case of 1-7 behind to 11-10 of winning. But this is in the crucible. From yesterday to today, like two completely different season. It's really hard to understand what happened, but I ended up promotion, very happy."

"it is a torture for 24 hours, my mood is very low. I played well this season, but the performance of yesterday was unacceptable. I've seen some luca, he 4-0 win over shane murphy, Sean has only scored 10 points throughout the game. He is yesterday the level. But this is the anticipated benefits, can give you the opportunity to fight back. 24 hours, dramatic changes have taken place in the game."

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