Professional analysis holyfield why can beat tyson

professional analysis why can beat tyson holyfield img_height

on November 9, 1996, at the time of WBA heavyweight champion Michael tyson against the challenger Ivan DE holyfield, tyson in promising TKO 11 cases were round, the second defeat a career.Why horizontal yong invincible tyson dozen however holyfield, simply analyse the reasons below.

at the end of the day, holyfield's strength is too strong, although he is elevated from the welterweight boxer, but he was 24 WBA heavyweight boxing gold belt, then defeat carlos DE Leon, become a welterweight treble, unified the welterweight, see its super power.He quickly rose to heavyweight, KO Douglas become the owner of three world boxing champion gold belt.

professional analysis why can beat tyson holyfield img_height

meanwhile, larry holmes, George foreman and others were hurt in his fist, holyfield boxing technique is very exquisite, can attack can keep very experienced veterans.Includes, of course, and in the famous boxer dick - bao three transgressions of the war, but also for holyfield has accumulated rich experience in competition, especially scoring ability and the ability of a full 12 rounds.

by tyson, holyfield's game experience more rich, know how to divide the physical strength, a full 12 rounds, and tyson habit to eat fast food, KO within 2 round opponent a lot, but more than two rounds cannot KO, some impatience, couldn't play the best level.

professional analysis why can beat tyson holyfield img_height

holyfield, 34, 1996, in the heavyweight, this age is strong.He against tyson play made a careful study, developed fully rational tactics and avoid its sharpness, two rounds before looking to fight back, such as tyson's physical strength and mood are falling, holyfield began to actively counter-offensive, in the second half of game KO tyson.

for tyson's powerful punch, holyfield are generally pay great attention to defense, use the jab and pace controls the proper distance, once near tyson, he clasps, tyson's incapable of power.

have to admit, holyfield's boxing too exquisite technology, either back or to meet, or entangled in the battle, all with ease, handy when, the edge of his tactics are also very effective, see tyson, is a single attack technology, lack of flexibility, in the face of sophisticated holyfield, tyson is unswerving.

one more thing, holyfield fight ability is very strong, otherwise he gets tyson knocked out can be a punch, but he was in a heavily guarded, rarely get to tyson punch clarity, even on the punching of tyson, is his defense, blocking the crank arm.

holyfield's response from the dodge and exquisite technology, the pace of his is very flexible, he can be very easy to avoid tyson punch for the cause, and then play back, and he has a very sharp counter-attack, all of a sudden, tyson repeatedly.

professional analysis why can beat tyson holyfield img_height

another holyfield height 189 cm, 11 cm higher than tyson, wingspan than tyson 18 cm long, congenital physical condition, let holyfield tyson is very comfortable, but beat him tyson is very uncomfortable, his frequent cuddle tyson can't continuous attack, which is why tyson biting his ears.

to be fair, tyson's hardness is certainly above holyfield, if two people knife, I believe that the old Holly accounts for less than what is cheap, but he was not in tyson storm, the first two round is precisely his cunning.This also reflects why tyson is synonymous with boxing, but he isn't.

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