Low presence in this country, but in more than 20 years ago shocked the world

exotic flower of Africa, there are many countries often explosive screen, such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, Gambia, Nigeria.

presence in this country is low, but in more than 20 years ago shocked the world more is no feeling in the world, such as Malawi, Burundi, Botswana, lesotho, etc.All-powerful and kind, was once, now calm down, such as Egypt, Algeria, Dr Congo.And Cameroon, it seems that all these three doesn't belong to, it is difficult to give a clear positioning of Cameroon.

Cameroon say not clear, even is west Africa, and central African countries.The simplest, said Cameroon is, the combination of the western countries in Africa.Cameroon, covers an area of 47.5 square kilometers and a population of 23.3 million, the capital, yaounde.presence in this country is low, but in more than 20 years ago shocked the world

Cameroon was a German colony, but the war after the Germany defeat for the first time, Cameroon by the British, French.France occupied 80% of the east, the west falls within the scope of the UK.After the second world war, Britain and France are fading, no longer be able to Cameroon.The first day of 1960, the French district as Cameroon.While the district for the referendum, as a result, the northern district of merged into Nigeria, merge into southern Cameroon, formation in northern Cameroon treasure spire shape now.

don't Cameroon is a famous country, now rarely hear related to Cameroon.But in the 27 years ago, in 1990, Cameroon is making a shocked the world's great event.

believe older fans, will miss World Cup held in Italy in 1990.It was a successful World Cup, is also the history in the world can be called a great World Cup.presence in this country is low, but in more than 20 years ago shocked the world in 1990, Italy in the summer, don't know how affects the heart to love sports.At that time, China had just produce wonderful associated with mainstream football world.Central station open beginning on the top of serie a at the time, focusing on the world's top players, billed as the World Cup.Many Italian cities known to Chinese fans: milan, Turin, Rome, napoli and Genoa, Atlanta, piacenza, lecce and pasquale foggia.While the World Cup was held in Italy, attracted the eyes of the world, the first summer of Italy, is the world's one of the most classic verses of cup theme song.

1986 claims to be one of the World Cup, maradona dominate everything.Format, is that the defending champion Argentina can automatically obtain the next World Cup, Argentina goal nature is defending.presence in this country is low, but in more than 20 years ago shocked the world 24 teams divided into six groups, each group of four teams, team top two plus four of the top four teams in the top 16.Three opponents Argentina is died of Soviet Russia, Romania , and Cameroon in Africa.

this is following the 1982 World Cup in Spain, Cameroon for the second time.Argentina has some a spent force at the time, but maradona happy there, one of the most powerful competitors in Argentina is still a champion.Soviet Russia was chaotic, but powerful, Romania also has a certain strength, no attention to the Cameroon.Think this African team, Cameroon but are three wheel over home.

although Argentina points in group B, but for the World Cup opening match of the protagonist.Argentina debut against rivals, it is mysterious in Cameroon.

maradona quest to conquer the world, did not care about the existence of this team Cameroon, he believed that the Cameroon was simply defending him a small stones on the road.

on June 8, 1990, exciting moment finally arrives, billions of fans around the world on television, ready to appreciate the maradona ei rey way to go.presence in this country is low, but in more than 20 years ago shocked the world

game in milan at the SAN siro stadium, one of the world football temple (inter called SAN siro).How many people are waiting for maradona wear line of Cameroon, bear a grudge, this scene did not appear.Very close game, Argentina did not show strong dominance.Until the 61th minute, Cameroon was sent off A - g, Argentina someone several advantages.Argentine happy only 6 minutes, another - grams, namely F - grams, send the ball into the door of Argentina.Although the F - has also been sent off, but keep the Cameroon 1-0 scoreline.

opening burst astonishing unpopular, little-known Cameroon, unexpectedly defeated king Argentina, let many startling.Before it shocked the whole world, is the Cameroon people, may not dare to have victory over Argentina's idea.The moment the whistle had blown, maradona is depressed, Cameroon are cheering.presence in this country is low, but in more than 20 years ago shocked the world YueZhanYueYong Cameroon, the second game 2:1 to beat Romania.On the premise of have qualification, 4-0 to early elimination of Soviet Russia.Argentina was scraped through to group 3, the results for head-on will hit the enemy in Brazil.He was holding the rapture of pass, maradona, tasks assigned have become legends.

after Cameroon, we met in Colombia in South America.Results because the madman higuita performance when her uncle was 40, was accepted the gift, Cameroon unprecedented in World Cup quarterfinals.

in the quarterfinals, Cameroon 2:3 defeat to England, but that's the best results in Cameroon.

in the 90 s, at the beginning of this century, Cameroon Africa's big teams in a line.1994, 1998, 2002 reached the World Cup, but the results are generally.Did in the 2000 Sydney by unfair means to get to Olympic Games will be a football final with young Samuel eto 'o of Cameroon, overcome with young Harvey, carles puyol of Spain, 2 ball match, penalty to crown .When the foot is very valuable.
presence in this country is low, but in more than 20 years ago shocked the world

happy about football, perhaps is the Cameroon Africa a few memorable history.

Cameroon's economic is very general, area for such a big country, the environment is not bad, only $1200 per capita, not poverty, but also is not high.

Cameroon's too rich forest resources, even as many as 22 square kilometers, sell wood can make a fortune.Cameroon's grassland area is large, is mainly engaged in animal husbandry, but only the cattle and sheep and how much money can make?Cameroon industry have a certain foundation, but is too weak, do not have strong competitiveness.Cameroon please France to search for oil for oneself, also like little brother in the southern equatorial guinea, rich and discovered offshore oil.Cameroon's play in the oil, a year can export QiBaBaiWanDun, caused a lot of revenue for Cameroon.Industry foundation is weak, Cameroon depend mainly on agriculture for dinner, more than seventy percent of people never agriculture, food is to the people, the so-called china-africa granary.

with food and for Africa, is one of the most important.presence in this country is low, but in more than 20 years ago shocked the world

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