The knight manager limit operation is completed reinforcing Huang zhan satisfied the sprint defending

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in the past few years, the Cleveland cavaliers' management has been criticized, but so far this season, they are a series of operations have completely changed people's view.

in professional sports has been doing the rounds the old saying: is very difficult to win the championship, but the defending is almost a mission impossible.Such as the SAN Antonio spurs, they took o 'brien 5 times in the past 20 years and jinbei, but failed to achieve even a defending.It is enough for two consecutive years the title how difficult it is, any management team to achieve this goal is worth people to praise.

knight want to accomplish the defending, James wants to continue to create their own dynasty, but everyone knows that it is very difficult, especially after last summer, the golden state warriors completed the incredible reinforcing - durant parachute in Auckland, and garage, Thompson, green of the terrible "big four".

limit operation is completed reinforcing knight manager Huang zhan satisfied the sprint defending

in the face of such situation, the 4 th MVP lebron James knows the club's current status to match, so he publicly in the coming year to management request reinforcements, aiming for the attack after filling the creator.

after that, the knight management finally began to action, and to do well.They almost no loss of any one of the key players get the two former all-star teammates - kyle warren and deron Williams.The former one is the best striker in the league, perfectly to fill the void left by the departure of the J.R. Smith injured, while the latter is James publicly demanding, attack the creator.Season so far, deron Williams in the small zap can get 13 points and 6.8 assists he led the knight substitute, James and Michael Owen can set his mind at to sit down and rest together.

limit operation is completed reinforcing knight manager Huang zhan satisfied the sprint defending

this two pens to work the most flattering place lies in, without loss of any one of the core team rotation players, that is to ensure the overall chemical reaction.A championship team will not change, this is the NBA's proverbs, today's knight is accomplished the squad in aeriform in upgrade, so to speak.And don't forget, during this time they still got an athletic ability outstanding striker, derrick Williams.

but the knight's signings have not so far, ESPN showed the news this morning, laying off Australia center as described by 76 people will join in the clarification period after the end of Cleveland.Another huge supplement, this will be the team's boggart knight will fill perfect lost he gove and birders weak inside.

limit operation is completed reinforcing knight manager Huang zhan satisfied the sprint defending

three new signings joining upgrade the lineup of knight almost to perfection, and don't forget, to complete the deals they already have the league for the first total salary, it belongs to a high-risk operation above the red line.If knight really can retain the success of this year, David griffin is definitely one of the largest contributor.

now, James has to do is to maintain good health and their own state, and then wait for JR and Ralph lay in the injury list returned from his teammates.Once personnel complete, defending champion will once again to the peak, regardless of whether they can win over the warriors, at least, James is no longer questioned the strength of the team.

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