Knight depth | anchorman center in hand what is the use?This is the key

depth | anchorman knight center in hand what is the use? This is the key

knight with two base salary got Andrew bogut and deron Williams, soft rib reinforcement success, get a boost on paper strength.

I am asked: "how do you think Andrew bogut for knight help?"

if I had to say, I think it is "spare tire is greater than the actual significance.

why do you say that?

first take a look at some simple data, know the characteristics of Andrew bogut the player:

Andrew bogut in the NBA finals last season after suffering serious injury this season and a slight bone contusion right knee and hamstring strain and so on a series of injuries, the season so far have only played 26 games, big and easy injury, belong to the "species" of very precious, need knight careful protection.

after suffering injury, Andrew bogut's ability to protect box appeared certain to fall, this season to protect the frame rate of 48.6%, ranks 14th in the league, by contrast, slightly inferior in the cavaliers' starting center Tristan da cunha Thompson (47.6%), and his last season, the figure is 45.2%, the highest league. 3.

last season, both elbows, paint and high, Andrew bogut is one of the most warriors ball players, especially in the paint and high, Andrew bogut every touch of scoring efficiency is very high, 0.99 and 0.915, respectively, but the performance in the mavs this season will be much less, two places each time the ball score was 0.68 and 0.615, respectively.

depth | anchorman knight center in hand what is the use? This is the key

you can get the above string data of is what kind of conclusion?

1, considering the factors of injuries, the knight will not long time use of Andrew bogut, his playing time in knight basic control in 15 minutes, or less, more players Andrew bogut is as a specific situation.Such as team to face have low post slasher, Andrew bogut will become the team very rely on a ring.

2, Andrew bogut, how much is left for the protection ability of the basket need to hit a question mark.Although Andrew bogut on the data of this season is to significantly weaker than last season, but given the injury factors, this value how much is the embodiment of the true power is in doubt.

but one thing is for sure, Andrew bogut in low ability of the roof, and his height and shoulder width brought about by the huge basket defensive area, is the knight existing insider group of don't have.

3, Andrew bogut coordination ability how much value is also a question mark for the knight.The question as "warren in knight need not to need a lot of off the ball", the knight need Andrew bogut coordination ability?Data from the point of view, the answer to that is likely to be less.

when Andrew bogut is a everyone can run, everyone will run as if such as warriors, his coordination ability and can get a lot of play.But the problem is that the knight is a spending for singles group.Most of the time, Andrew bogut is hard to like when warriors, in his catch the most comfortable position, cut, and then wait for his teammates, recycle their field of vision and passing to sophisticated assists.His role will be simplified.Why so sure?Love as a excellent coordination model inside is a living example, and the calf and knight is a team's proportion is very high.

say blunt point, knight to Andrew bogut, is for a rainy day, in order to give the team to prepare a pure center, in order to make sure he encountered in a team like spurs, don't eat too much loss in low.

depth | anchorman knight center in hand what is the use? This is the key

if the cavaliers to the finals, and his face against the golden state warriors and Houston rockets, then the meaning of Andrew bogut is almost negligible.


these two teams are playing the fast pace of the team, three points for their own projection is very confident, and Andrew bogut is belong to the "I stood inside you don't want to break through, but I also didn't how much you throw three points method" type of player.

remember in the last two season's finals?You don't even need to check the data can feel "Andrew bogut a play, they began to lose points" of depressive feeling.

of course, in order to prove the impression stream, I have checked the finals over the past two years, Andrew bogut is present at the time of data:

2015 NBA finals, when Andrew bogut is present, the team's offensive efficiency is 94.7, defensive efficiency is 103.9, the round net negative 9.3.

2016 NBA finals, when Andrew bogut is present, the team's offensive efficiency is 97.2, defensive efficiency is 104.2, the round net negative 7.0.

the reason actually very simple, although he can stop James to a great extent to the impact of the basket, but as long as James a hit the basket, when he was deep to the position of the ball again, with Andrew bogut is present, the mighty one ring of defending can appear "slow a beat", as long as instant, knight peripheral battery can give enough response.Add Andrew bogut itself without too much of a threat on the offensive end, knight implementation of 4, 5 also let Andrew bogut unique advantages on the offensive end, coordination, become no longer apparent.

in this case, he also becomes negligible role.And compared to previous years knight, rocket this season and the periphery of the warrior is obviously more crazy project team, if they have in mind, so the effect of Andrew bogut is negligible.

depth | anchorman knight center in hand what is the use? This is the key

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so, the meaning of the knights get Andrew bogut is to find a more of "spare tire", fill the vacancy in the column of "tall center", on the whole team the final piece of the gap.

as to whether he can really come in handy in the future, and how to use, but also depends on the opponent's last minute changes to do.

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