Shanghai water be undercover dent?The CBA "conspiracy theory" emerging markets, normal friends

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the CBA league season last night battle round again, the position of the table and have a commotion, leading accident tune, but among all three to six wins ranking in situ, the biggest variable nature is at the end of the much-anticipated four for eight teams, some happy, someone will upset.

the Shanghai men's basketball team did not keep the bund unbeaten home golden body, not only make the top spot, will also be Beijing shougang back from the edge of the cliff, the hope of let the impact from the playoffs again, also indirectly pit of Shanghai loss a handful of shandong brothers, sichuan, Beijing and shandong, shandong is likely to be the final out of the team.

the regular season has hit the bottom third round, playoff berth, the battle for the top has not yet been determined, the first four teams have regular-season championship hopes, and as many as four teams in the final two tickets for the last eight entanglement, it may be the last eight seats in recent years the most competitive one season.

the top team natural home-field advantage for the playoffs playing head, while wandering in the edge of the playoffs team pushed toward inside, so the regular season to end, each round of competition, even every game extremely important also stimulate the nerve, and all kinds of conspiracy theories also arises at the historic moment.

such as the Shanghai men's basketball team in men's basketball game at home to Beijing, have been labeled as the "conspiracy theory".Reason one, Shanghai ranked first, before this round followed by xinjiang, at the top position for a long time, so to win the regular season champion, Shanghai water there is no reason to shougang, but the final result is Beijing from Shanghai.

reason two, Shanghai is still remain unbeaten at home, to make Beijing golden body back to life and their unbeaten home.Reason three, the sharks are not hurt have no disease first team, had power in Beijing, in the face of only marbury a foreign aid shougang, home of the Shanghai team without losing truth.

reason four, this is one of the most important, the sharks are lost to Beijing to hand over the top spot, avoiding in the semi-finals so powerful guangdong, thus eventually came to the conclusion that Shanghai to Beijing.Do you believe?

be labeled "conspiracy theory" and shandong defeat in the champions sichuan team, it is also a round, the result will affect two playoff fate.Unfortunately for failing to win the away from sichuan province of shandong, the only witness sichuan team on 7 seats, while their from 7 to 8.

is under suspicion of the outside world, the game was due to the small of the shandong team foreign aid dent disorders play.Know, XiaoDeng son originally is sichuan team win last season's championship puzzle, one of the season after joining the shandong team status has not been ideal, no less criticism and questioned by the outside world.

although the battle in the face of the old Lord dent resolute for 25 points, statistically XiaoDeng son is doing his best, but the data flash is just one side, and in the most critical moment as long as the mistake once or twice, what's the use of light have good data.

at the final moment, for example, shandong team to a 90-93, behind only the ball was not dent the ball position better teammates, but choose your layup.As a result, he layup, but give the sichuan team a chance to fight back.In such an important game, dent Mongolia movements unavoidably to extrapolate.

the CBA league in the end, the more of a mess all sorts of gossip is also emerge in endlessly, actually this kind of conspiracy theories fans already inured to the weird.In the author opinion, CBA do not exist in "conspiracy theory", the evidence, no evidence no "conspiracy theory"?

originally good shandong team landed on it now, to make the playoffs the if really is to blame, just a shame "ding foreign aid";Golden body was broken and the sharks home, not deliberately to water, but really can not hold up against political commissar li-an your costraint refutation.

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