Warriors and emerge a law win 10-0 who can keep the haymaker

warrior emerge another law win 10-0 who can keep the trueshot

the fire stop

Beijing time on January 17, news, the golden state warriors finally wait to revenge.Again in the finals, they attack with a strong established early advantage, eventually to a 126-91 victory over Cleveland cavaliers.The mighty powerful offensive firepower fully show in the first half, but also had 41 points in the second quarter, they continued the quarterly score 40 + laws of the game win of the season.

finals were reversed, plus the Christmas wars again by knight reversal, the warriors at oracle arena this time have no way to retreat, for them this is a no escape game, they have to win.From the moment of opening, the warriors will show a strong will to win, they are very well prepared for the game and the offense feeling also is pretty good.The two games in the first half, the warriors scored 37 points and 41 respectively, half 78 points.

the warriors halves scoring 78 points is not new, in their squad and offensive capabilities, so performance is not contrary to expectation., which is facing knight, but is averaging 103.5 points this season, they have always been one of the league's best defensive teams.Even knight in continuous trip, their defense still has certain ability, but in front of the warriors such as the flood of offensive, they are like undefended.

it is important to note that this is the mighty the 10th time this season in the match score 40 + single section, they are successful on a record.In the case of a single section score 40 +, the warriors of the season unbeaten 10-0, this seems to have become a warrior to win a bellwether.When they lifted in a certain section crazy offensive, opponents tend to be the wave of high tide down their, even defending champion knight.

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