Impatience drag on the team By construction of Beijing emergency in the playoffs

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Beijing time on January 13, Beijing shougang road 84-96 loss to zhejiang dwellings, playoff berth alarm sounded.

if you use an idiom to describe the locker room tonight, that is: the past.

in the face of youthful dwellings, Beijing it was washed the opponent that tore open technical statistics, hustling on rebounding, they to 38 than 54 in a comprehensive, most of the time, when the team to prevent the next ball, often can shelter in a round continuous grab offensive rebounds, and then complete the score.

except rebound offensively is Beijing the biggest problem facing this season and they still didn't solve this tonight, just got 84 points, the number obviously unable to bring a victory for them.Faltering Beijing three points can only rely on Zhang Qingpeng struggled, they could not effective breakthrough into the construction of the box, even though they are very not easy, and as a construction of a player's height and athletic ability have shot them with layup exceptionally difficult, full-time, Beijing field goal percentage of only 44% of the poor.

impatience drag on the team Playoff defeat to the poor Beijing emergency

as the center of Beijing, the soul, marbury downturn is a miniature of the whole team lian Po was old, tonight, old 7 of 14 shots only scored 16 points and three assists, and another seven turnovers, and crucially, the fourth quarter, critical moment, the old two turnovers killed the team the opportunity to directly, is the first time in Beijing, 78-84, just after row, marbury just after half-time was the other small foreign aid fortson stealing the ball, fortson flight rushing into 2 + 1, the second is to fall behind in the team 84-91 horse two free throws, destroyed the emerging of the last chance.In the face of young fortson, liu, horse breakthrough is particularly difficult.

he is old, but you can't ask a veteran do more will be 40 this year, the crux of the problem is that the old old, others are not able to stand up stand up.

impatience drag on the team Beijing playoff defeat to the poor at risk

of course, this sentence does not apply to Zhang Qingpeng tonight, by metal fans as" actor "he hit 6 remember three points tonight, and many times in the layup throw their desperate like charge out, there is no doubt that if there is no zhang sanfeng's heroics, Beijing won't tonight and fight until the last possible moment.

however, besides Zhang Qingpeng, other people's performance is not satisfactory, sun yue only get 5 points, the final moments, Hu Jinqiu technical fouls, sun yue to get three free throws, if all free throws, Beijing will have a chance, but in front of the booing fans deafening, sun yue has lost 3 for a battle with ZhaiXiaoChuan is restrictive, foreign aid, shares in the dialogue with the Holman and obvious disadvantage, when he carry out four domestic player, the team made a hash.

impatience drag on the team Playoff defeat to the poor Beijing emergency

small losing things, throw the personnel, the final moment, Beijing and lose people, challenge once again, feeling irritable ZhaiXiaoChuan will fist wave to lam Chris directly, the referee will eventually he sent off, the house leaks that night when the rain, such action is likely to be damaged by suspension, this is currently in Beijing for a playoff spot, is undoubtedly a major blow.

this night, hangzhou doomed not to belong to Beijing, destined to do not belong to marbury, do not belong to ZhaiXiaoChuan.After this, Beijing has been on record in the sichuan team match, there is no doubt that if the team you play like this, the playoffs the situation will become endangered, the former ace, really has reached the edge of collapse.

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