The three famous walking "emperor" has been appreciated, China cup denied international career could be the first world war

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is referred to as "the most tender" in the history of the team's new head ended in failure, even in the face of the pickup Iceland is travelling, three teams, played after half-time because, in the second half exposed "tender", in the international competition experience, an Icelandic team scored twice in the space seize the opportunity, lippi's first finally tasted defeat of world war ii.


history's most tender team's

in fact, the result of the game already doomed, suspense is whether the team's losing a few balls.The great majority of the players temporary cobbled together the team's first caps, and training time is only a short 5 days, lippi even more magical can't in such a short time for them to get through ren du two veins, thoroughly remould oneself, capability soar, as a result, even the three teams, also on this team's strength.


a face of dignified lippi

in the first half the team's attack in front and able to dominate the ball passing, is likely to rewrite the score, even for the most part is somebody else's new Iceland, bullying the body of the long journey is still not fully open.But by the end of the second half, the euro has eight background of Iceland's three teams started, after targeted reshuffling, finally two times to break through the team's defence.

the first battle, the team's New Year a lot of players completed international debut, some fairly, some not satisfactory, there are a novice international criticism of the strongest, most he is Chen Zhongliu from zhejiang greentown.The born on September 30, 1993 players from green city youth, is a green city of the future star, known as "green city YaoXing".


greentown YaoXing

although Chen Zhongliu only 23 years old, but he received three handsome favored and appreciated.Chen Zhongliu is international school-age players, he is popular with young is famous coach rick link recognition at that time.And in the Chinese super league, the Japanese boss okada has toyed with the idea and Korean coach hong myung-bo Chen Zhongliu.

2012 season Chen Zhongliu okada has toyed with the idea promoted to the first team.But Chen Zhongliu training late lax attitude angered okada has toyed with the idea that was sent to the reserve team.Later hong myung-bo as greentown boss, the good at training young player of the south Korean coach, give Chen Zhongliu full of trust, the latter has gradually become the regular members of green city team defensive midfielder.Because of his outstanding performance, finish in April 25, hangzhou greentown and Chen Zhongliu contract for five years.


greentown complete 5 years contract with Chen Zhongliu

is a rising star in the Chinese super league during today and got the favour of silver fox, Chen Zhongliu but his national team's debut a disaster.The lest affect critical moment in the second half of his lifetime 57 minutes, replaced Yin Hongbo Chen Zhongliu substitute, began his team's debut, but he couldn't think of is that this could change the fate of his life playing is a nightmare start.


this lens may make his deep-rooted memory life: the team's many people in high closing down, his teammates block shot each other, the distance the ball but only recent Chen Zhongliu subconsciously to move without forward scramble, lost a valuable opportunity, two attack this scene not only teammates startled, riding the bench command lippi was also a face of vacant, and a live audience and in front of the TV fans is dumbfounded.

"walk", overnight, Chen Zhongliu fans left a bad impression, in marcello lippi's eyes, perhaps Chen Zhongliu has been ruled out by him in the squad in the future, even if it is on the list of 50 people also won't have his name.


the hemorrhagic go on in the New Year's day weibo?

Chen Zhongliu on New Year's day weibo said in 2017, the spirit of the Wolf and hemorrhagic, everything will be better and better.So, say good "the spirit of the Wolf and bloody" where to go?Chen Zhongliu performance, let alone the Wolf, even dying sheep don't deserve.Green city who descended into walking "emperor", who sin?May have only themselves to blame, Chen Zhongliu stuffed bitter can only drink it myself.

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