ESPN ranked reasonable?Than the historical position of five championships, as James?


historical position, a very tangled problem, no one can give a satisfactory results for all to accept also.Recently, it doesn't, north American NBA history from some big media have reported their rankings, took one of the most "popular" ESPN.

ESPN's top 15 ranking results as follows:

ESPN ranked reasonable? Five championships, than the historical position of than James? Jordan, kareem abdul-jabbar, James, the magician, wilt chamberlain, larry bird, Lord of the rings, Duncan, shaq, hakeem olajuwon, Robertson, kobe Bryant, west, Dr. J, Moses Malone.

the list after, immediately he was reviled by the broad masses of fans, the fans even play all kinds of wonderful spat.Among these, the main two fans for lebron James and kobe Bryant.James row gao, he has been impossible to third.Bryant ranked low, he could not only ranked 12th.

ESPN ranked reasonable? Five championships, than the historical position as James? then, all sorts of jokes are falling, James has been the media's favourite, Bryant was the idol of the players.So, to be fair, in which the kobe Bryant?

the player's number must be linked to achievement, the second is the personal data and influence.Kobe Bryant's career in 20 years, five times the total champion, 1 times the regular season MVP, two FMVP, 15 times in the best squad, 18 times all-star.Career Numbers 25 points and 5.3 rebounds and 4.7 assists.

Robertson, ancient times the three pairs of the king.1 times champion, 1 times the regular season MVP, 11 times in the best squad, 12 all-star, career Numbers 25.7 points and 7.5 rebounds and 9.5 assists.

look from personal achievement, Robertson than kobe Bryant, the only advantage is that data is better.However, data from ancient times and now can't compare, three pairs of high order of the king of the data is not dominant.

ESPN ranked reasonable? Five championships, than the historical position as James? hakeem olajuwon, one of the big four center.Career got 2 championships, 1 times the regular season MVP, two FMVP, defensive player of the two, 12 times the best squad, 12 all-star.Averaging 21.8 points and 11.1 rebounds 11.1 blocked shots.The history of the NBA.Hakeem olajuwon's greatest achievement is Jordan won two championships after retirement.Compared to kobe Bryant, however, does not seem to have advantage to speak of.

shaq, as Bryant's sidekick, two people from teammates become an enemy, then phase min a smile.Honor and o 'neill foundation as a maximum of three consecutive championships, his place in the team and contribute far can not than kobe Bryant.Although Bryant with a champions league, two people's position is really hard to compare.

Duncan, whether title number or two grades, no worse than kobe Bryant.And, as the first big striker history, the stability of the spurs is kobe Bryant of the lakers can't than.Ahead of Bryant, nine times out of ten will take orally!

ESPN ranked reasonable? Five championships, than the historical position as James? black and white pair, two and a Lord of the rings, their influence and personal achievement row in front is understandable.James, if not in the top three, the first ten absolutely him a.To response when help a Lord, no one dare to put him in second!

so, really have differences is kobe Bryant and hakeem olajuwon in the tenth and the eleventh Robertson.The three ranking is difficult, perhaps put kobe Bryant in the first ten more in line with the expectations of fans.

so, what do you think just can row in which Bryant?

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