Wang is not be forced to retire!!!Du Feng tell the truth, guangdong has a name

wang suddenly last offseason abruptly announced his retirement has attracted fans guessing, many people think that he is retired at that time, because he seriously affect the operation of the team's millions of annual salary, so the club had to let him to retire, the rumor points out to make a lot of fans guangdong, after all, wang has a lot of the enterprise for the team, they got so much a championship is also have a lot of relationship with wang, however, Du Feng on a recent visit to say why wang retired the truth, at the same time, it is a guangdong a white.

wang not being forced to retire! Du Feng tell the truth, guangdong has a clean

recently, accepted the CBA Du Feng an interview with the club's official website, he said of wang retired said: "each people have each person's idea, I was also retired early 30 s, you said that he can't play, he went to the other team can play, he is likely to be selected a better direction to develop, is understandable."Can know wang retired from Du Feng words is not like the outside world "retired", is he himself wanted to retire, he want to choose a better direction to develop.

as the first domestic professional basketball club of guangdong doesn't like travels so rude to feats of players like wang, as long as he doesn't want to retire, the club won't catch him go, but can also be like fangyu zhu at the club officers, but wang felt this age can go out to try something else, instead of sitting on a bench is a waste of time.Wang now has been retired for almost half a year, he now seems to be very to enjoy life after retirement, not only opened training camp and made some investment, but also appeared in some ShangYan games once in a while.Everyone has their own ideas and plan, wang retired choice in their early 30 s have his truth, also hope that his choice is correct.

wang not being forced to retire! Du Feng tell the truth, guangdong has a clean

wang retired also indirectly make bold guangdong can enable newcomer, guangdong really sprung up this season a lot of potential, such as Zhao Rui and Yang Jinmeng players, they really let a person shine at the moment, this season for the team to provide a lot of help, this is the path of the guangdong must now, because they could no longer rely on sf and yi jianlian, wang may choose their retirement and to make the team could bold enable newcomer, wang, after all, in the team, Du Feng sometimes embarrassed him on the bench for a long time, fight shoulder to shoulder, after all, is good brothers for many years.No matter, wang retired is what reason, but as the exploits of the guangdong player, he still deserve a decent retirement ceremony, hope to guangdong in the next time do a retirement ceremony for wang, let him enjoy fan cheers and applause to him again, and let the "fly higher" sounded at the scene again, let him know that he is paid what for so many years, is recognized.

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