All know Ding Yanyu navigation hot CBA can this four stories you may not know


he has a tattoo, design is parents last name.He slew at CBA big square, bayi team has turned down a few years ago.He a full face of murderous look on the pitch, but off the court like watching cartoon "one piece".He is Ding Yanyu navigation, shandong men's basketball team of no. 2 player.Before, during and after the New Year's day Ding Yanyu navigation created connected scored more than 40, nearly six rounds of 34 points feat, especially for the all-star game MVP.Behind the scenery infinite, however, he also had another rough sad.

now xiaoding only more than three hundred annual salaries in shandong men's basketball team, less than 1/5 of the yi in guangdong,.If allowed to transfer after basketball reform this year, xiaoding will a rising tide lifts all boats, and become the object of teams plunder.

all know Ding Yanyu navigation hot CBA four stories you may not know this

position when you were a defender

many fans know Ding Yanyu navigation was born in xinjiang, but now is xiaoding said is authentic shandong dialect, and work for shandong men's basketball team.So, how is he on a path to basketball, and how to join the shandong men's basketball team?

in 1993, Ding Yanyu navigation was born in xinjiang karamay construction corps.Ding is his surname, he is from the mother name "yan liu" homophonic.Because he was born in a rainy day, rain word navigation is parents want him to sail in the wind and rain.

later because their parents work to mobilize, xiaoding and all his family came to urumqi life together.Father Ding Songceng lanzhou military region is professional basketball player, although have no dozen over professional league, but the basketball is filled with love.Plus, mother, and athletes is so xiaoding and sports decree by destiny is doomed from birth.

a teenager Ding Yanyu navigation head is higher than their peers, but thinner.Combined with excellent sports inheritance of his parents' genes from xiaoding YanYu air like all kinds of sports.Especially influenced by his father, xiaoding especially in basketball.See son so interest and talent, rd consciously begin to develop.Starting from a first grade, xiaoding will have the opportunity to follow the xinjiang university women's basketball team coach on the basis of practice.Considering the xiaoding's body condition and playing, rd initial hope son can play guard.So Ding Yanyu navigation skill training was done, he still benefit a lot from it.In last year's Olympic Games in Brazil, the Chinese men's basketball team coach GongLuMing once make xiaoding defender.GongLuMing said xiaoding ball control in domestic is superb, and the height better vision.

but as Ding Yanyu navigation head more and more high, skill is more and more outstanding, rd gradually feel son need a bigger platform.Later, the family made a change Ding Yanyu navigation fate decision.

first tattoo repay parents

in order to encourage Ding Yanyu navigation on a path to a better basketball, father rd Wang Fei in Beijing decided to send its to training camp.The basketball camp in line with international standards, have a first-class basketball training facilities and perfect logistics.Although the tuition is expensive, but xiaoding parents eventually heart a horizontal agreed.Not only that, in order to supervise and urge xiaoding training, rd and even to teach at Wang Fei training camp.Every time I think of this matter, xiaoding will feel today cannot be separated from their parents.So on your wrist xiaoding has a special tattoos: a letter "D", a letter "L".Xiaoding said: "D on behalf of the father, L on behalf of the mother of liu."This is xiaoding's first tattoo, makes perfect sense to him.Xiaoding said: "in the place of the wrist, no matter I shot or dribbling all can see, will know that parents have been with me."

in Wang Fei camp, xiaoding studied Li Lin bayi team defender.After two years of training, xiaoding's physical quality and ability to have greatly ascend, as when the first among the group of students.In the final skills contest, xiaoding gained speed dribbling, pace, one-on-one hit three champion wang.In 2013, the tenth anniversary Wang Fei camp, Ding Yanyu navigation won the award for the most outstanding students.

today, xiaoding and teacher Wang Fei still maintained close ties.Every time Wang Fei come to jinan, xiaoding hospitality.Before the start of the season, Wang Fei xiaoding said now get rid of the injury, averaging 20 points is not difficult.Sure enough, teacher forecast now become a reality.At the same time, the training camp in Wang Fei xiaoding met a lifetime friend also have no opinion of jean valjean.

all know Ding Yanyu navigation hot CBA four stories you may not know this

were too thin bayi refused to

because of training camp in Wang Fei performances, Ding Yanyu navigation to camp in 2008, li ning basketball talent.Later, xiaoding was recommended to the bayi team.Men who know bayi unexpectedly because xiaoding is too thin and against incompetence and rejected.

this matter affect Wang Fei is great, for when the rising xiaoding.A few years later, when Ding Yanyu navigation in no. 3, the Chinese men's basketball team became gradually show strength, has always been very inside collect character of Wang Fei delivered a weibo, specially about xiaoding were rejected the bayi team of the year.So it is easy to understand, why xiaoding against bayi team is always very hard.

considering xiaoding's talent and future, Wang Fei contacted the shandong men's basketball team.When shandong men's basketball team coach gong xiabin and Wang Fei relationship is good, two people in the national team's roommate.After a preliminary investigation, gong xiabin brought xiaoding shandong men's basketball team youth team.

a year later, in 2009, xiaoding is a finalist for the Chinese men's basketball team youth team.Xiaoding became the youth league scoring champion in 2010, 2011 and the youth league scoring list.2011-2012 season, Ding Yanyu to officially join the shandong men's basketball team, open a career.

today, Ding Yanyu navigation has become shandong men's basketball team number one, the best small forward in Asia.At the national level, xiaoding has played the incheon Asian games with the Chinese men's basketball team, changsha Asian championship and Rio Olympics.As the Chinese men's basketball team start no. 3, xiaoding is a key member of the national team.

all know Ding Yanyu navigation hot CBA four stories you may not know this

also play games also watch anime

in the sports circle, in order to achieve better results often have something change of birth.Can Ding Yanyu course that does not exist, is the real was born in 1993.The age of 24, for the majority of people are just out of the university began to work.Even though xiaoding is now a celebrity, but doesn't hit the ball, he also have a unique to this generation interests, not high above the feeling.

joy doudizhu is the most important way to comfort pressure between players, is very popular between shandong men's basketball team.In this regard, xiaoding belong to ace, often beaten opponent didn't temper.Of course, for hero league game popular in the whole of China, xiaoding also like it very much.Number and xiaoding's game level is very high, belongs to the top players.To this end, many teammates to borrow xiaoding number to play.

in addition to the game, xiaoding anime is another hobbies in my spare time.Japan's "one piece" is his favorite works, even their weibo cover cartoon pictures instead.Xiaoding said he liked the movie hero luffy, don't give up hope oneself can cling to the target.

lot of CBA players often laid after signed a big contract, everywhere.For xiaoding, he had to play the income to the parents.Over the years with xiaoding ball is playing better, sign a contract and is more and more big.But now in addition to buy a car instead of walking, xiaoding no other big spending.

after last year's Olympics, xiaoding is aware of the gap between Chinese men's basketball team and the world's elite.According to xiaoding's words, when oneself is very difficult to even get rid of all, still talk about what technology.So this season, the fans saw a more hard, more want to show their Ding Yanyu navigation.Especially after last year's injury, xiaoding more understand oneself should cherish now.

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