The spurs this year what level?Duncan, they can still dress up as pig to eat the tiger


the spurs this year what level? Didn't Tim Duncan they can still dress up as pig to eat tiger

in the NBA's official website the latest rankings of the strength of the SAN Antonio spurs have quietly climbed to 1 position.In contrast, there are still few voice discuss prospects to the spurs' title.Star flavour is more brave knights, let a person shine at the moment of the rockets, and griffin injured before the clippers seemed to have a higher visibility.Today we have from the data point of view, to see the spurs and what are the changes compared to last season.

you must point out that the amplitude of change the spurs than more big impression.Besides Duncan retired last summer, dior and west heels and left, a knife inside of pau gasol, David lee, diamond and Mr Andrew was all new arrivals.The spurs in a little slowly in this situation is very normal things.They played to the end of November, the offensive efficiency of 6 and 12 of the defensive efficiency are plain.

rarely dominant when the spurs game, don't drop more to keep record of ultra-high odds by the big shot.Lord, including manu ginobili, acknowledge that the state of the team and no book so well.But things started to change the following: their offensive efficiency since December 1 in the third, defensive efficiency simply leading alliance, the round margin of 13.1 component pressure rocket warriors team tops, etc.

relative not surprise the offensive end.Take the starting line-up, Duncan state dropped significantly last season, round share fell to a career low, basic is end as a type of paint to make.He compared to gasol's biggest flaw, it is support for the space is not enough: designated attack, Duncan averaged only 0.5 times 0.84 points every time more than 30% of the players;Pau gasol is 2.3 times, 1.33 points every time more than 96% of the players.

we mentioned many times, before the column inside will shoot can provide greater strategic value.Gasol's significance is not only here, however, he and other teammates is to form a superposition state.The spurs before starting inside a bit similar eagle Paul milsap and al horford -- even if gasol and adriano a 3-pointer from the top tip, but can take turns in and roll out (pau gasol is averaging 2.7 time is 3 times of Duncan), another person conveniently ambush on the weak side.

in addition to the SAN Antonio spurs an obvious changes, is the "iron" Lin do not iron.Danny green as a career of more than three quarters of the top scorer, the crosshair 33.2% last season was originally a disorder.His "personal character of conservation" was paid back this year, new heights of the mentioned 45.8% from three, including fixed point 1.27 points each time, every time no ball cover 1.75 points, respectively, 93% and 100% of the players is better than alliance.

when two insider will shoot, number one flank fort and back to the soul, who is the most beneficial?Nature is the spurs hold golfers.Many people noticed that Leonard this year round share further enhance to the union line level, but little noticed his game in transition: and roll the ball from soaring averaging 2.6 times to 5.2 times, the share rose from 13.7% to 23.6%.Leonard increase surface casing decreases back box, can also let out on the left side of the low - adriano's don't have to don't like right.

meanwhile, parker although old, but in the precise distance is still there.He 16 feet outside shooting better than 5 into two, enough to pay for round against opponents.If opponents have cover shot four teammates will also be able to convenient he remaining fuel to complete the break.Parker or undervalued designated marksman, at least for the understanding of limited opportunities is not bad, this year also a modest increase in the frequency of the three points.

you see here will probably be strange, the spurs squad so balanced paper, why can't give a person the sense of firing before?The problem on adriano.After this year in the left side of the low back, he turned and jumper hit ratio is much less than the last year, down from 45.8% to 45.8%.Fortunately, this is precisely what and relationship between spirit and the smallest link, only need to adriano state adjust themselves.His recent warming trend, the spurs' dominance then immediately a promotion.

it should be said that the weapons of attack at the SAN Antonio spurs, with most of the opponent is enough.Instead, everyone is more concerned: with Duncan left, who to fill vacancies in defense?Information on that it should be said that there are good and bad.The bad news is that the spurs will still be aimed at starting in some occasions.Such as column before the spurs the size of the rockets game, we mentioned the speed of pau gasol.

data also support this: even in 12 months, the spurs starting store up still more depend on offensive rather than defensive advantage.Pau gasol very hard, and teammates tacit understanding is increasing;But his box only 50.6% efficiency, it is in the case of often preferred to protect the basket.Synergy to the SAN Antonio spurs this year against the ball and roll and roll the ball, all is the alliance of below average level.In particular, they are not good at preventing players can shoot the ball.

the good news is, after all, the SAN Antonio spurs with Leonard and green two wing ace, especially Leonard to the player has a deterrent effect.Unless the three perimeter can be offensive, parker's not so easy to be exposed.Gregg popovich was able to control the playing time of several main force, some particular occasions to get substitution, long cycle can also ensure that physical aspect not in short supply.

the next interesting places: the SAN Antonio spurs now starting to turn lost 102.5 points, can be finished in the five or six or so has be accepted;But their entire season best round lose points?101.0 the league's best.In other words after entering the cohesive paragraph, instead of the spurs' defense better.In popovich did not dare to let the west with dior, one must let Duncan or Leonard with dozen of last season, it is very difficult to do frequently.

view rotation: inside the big lock don't need to say more, nature is the most of sports ability for the spurs long diamond.He can hit now per 36 minutes 13.3 rebounds (9.5 defensive rebounds) 2.1 blocked shots, protect box is beautiful 42.5% efficiency.In contrast, diamond in the magic's successor, is worth five times as much more than ever, is per 36 minutes 10.9 rebounds and 2.0 blocked shots, protect box 50.2% efficiency.

for substitute perimeter, simmons set after outstanding performance in the opener, but sports ability is enough;Ginobili old fast hands could come in handy, steals rate after Tony Allen in shooting guard;Mills body harm, running in a very positive, through the cover ability is greatly underestimated.Especially ginobili and mills on the offensive end can have arbitrary switching, very suitable with suitable capacity under superior diamond.

well, gregg popovich in fighting, not stick to one doesn't have a passion for under five on five like rivers.But here we might as well choose the spurs 2 common team, namely the above four people match, David lee, to see their style and there are much different from the start.It will present to margin of 37.9 points per 100 round, especially in the defensive end can crazy pressure caused a large number of errors and opponent field-goal percentage, as to how much lost and defensive rebound or forfeits foul instead is negligible.

main per 48 minutes compared to only make 94.8 round, they will be able to speed up to 102 round about.Simmons is very good at counter style;Ginobili and mills to their ascension fast-break proportion about 5%, and the bench USES harsh has much to do.In short the spurs in the end of the bench for many years with high quality to taobao, even in the era of Duncan is also can help the team a smooth transition.

so the spurs will walk far next?Popovich and his army first really good with the rhythm of the regular season, coupled with the recent margin recovery, data model, including ESPN or fivethirtyeight, can have named their 64 albion.This paper and the mighty men are just three games, even though the rockets go against state, to get homecourt advantage for the second round of the playoffs is still very difficult.

it must be admitted to really targeted stronger the playoffs, the spurs still exist some defects.When everyone is not back to back, will be more comfortable to use starting superstar, in particular, the depth of the SAN Antonio spurs advantage will become smaller.They are easy to put on a set of perfect balance on real significance, star power and weaker than ride a yong, winning odds only row 3 is very normal.But anyway, now the outside world to the attention of the spurs or too little, little to no like a level 60 + games team.

last season's historical experience has told us: the so-called underdog in the playoffs, because of the change of one or two details are likely to reverse the situation.What's more, with the alliance now pay more attention to attack, everyone about white has some position defense will be aimed at, not only the spurs do not impenetrable.Their strength compared to last season and there is no obvious landslide, whether Duncan is here or not, have to remember that this is the most like to dress up as pig to eat tiger team.

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