Manchester united winter leave first!Mourinho announced by midfielder mascherano to leave

the CCTV network news: the first leg at home won the league cup, jose mourinho has satisfied with the performance of the team after the game, I thought this was for the team final laid a good foundation.

"that's right, the second leg will be difficult to play against hull city, opponents will make trouble. But today we have achieved very good results, here we got the victory, to the road we will go to effort to fight for victory, the same as today."

however, the next step is the old rivals Liverpool, Manchester united will face for the fate of wars, mussina said himself, the team and the fans, should do a better than this.

"play Liverpool on Sunday, I need to do a better job, the team needs to play better, than the fans to force some more today. Sunday's game, I hope that people is not only to see the ball, I hope the fans can come with us."

today ibrahimovic temporary absence by disease before the game, but mourinho also confirmed that the swedes will play against Liverpool at the weekend league signature: "I don't think it will let him miss this weekend's game."

before the game to have the news, the Manchester united midfielder schneider Lin finishing move to everton.Jose mourinho after the game was confirmed: "I can't say very fine, but before the game, Woodward has informed me, tell me the transaction already very close to completion, so now schneider Lin is likely to have on the way to everton."

"for the deal I am happy and pain, this is schneider Lin's own choice, I'm glad he have their way, but at the same time I also very like him, he could have is a choice of my array."

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