China to meet the 2030 World Cup held?

China to meet the 2030 World Cup held this opportunity?

from cupertino for the future of the World Cup to stand a "pie", such as China team will have a chance.Figure/visual China

a lot of opposition in spite of, but, chairman of FIFA (FIFA) for all military plans or through perez advocated by the World Cup.Yesterday, FIFA announced that starting from the 2026 World Cup, teams will be increased to 48 teams from 32.While it's still don't know how many places in Asia will increase, but objectively speaking, this would increase the likelihood of the Chinese team to enter the World Cup.

2026 World Cup bulking solution

format: 48 team 16 teams in each group 3 team 2 teams for a total of 32 knockout

16 new places: Europe: three Africa: four Asia: four South America: 1.5 Oceania: 0.5 in North America and the Caribbean: three

(note: the final format and quota allocation will be subject to the FIFA official)

group will no longer appear draw

although the 2026 World Cup host country haven't been finalized, but the World Cup is destined to go down in history is assured., FIFA announced yesterday, since the 2026 World Cup, World Cup teams will be expanded from the current 32 teams to 48.

according to the report, 48 teams will be divided into 16 groups, each group three teams.Panel at the bottom of the team to be eliminated, and the rest of the 32 teams entered the knockout stages.As a result, the World Cup will increase from the current 64 to 80.However, FIFA will not let the match time longer, they strive to finish the last World Cup in 32 days.Finally reached the final of the team, they still need to play seven games, games like before.Because although less a group match, but also more than a knockout.

because only three teams to participate in the group, which means that there are a team will be finished ahead of two games, the last game of the two teams could jointly do away team finished ahead of time.To avoid this situation, FIFA scheme is also given, that is no game can appear a draw.Once both sides draw, 90 minutes will be won or lost on penalties.According to FIFA, the format can prevent the tacit understanding ball, at the same time increase the appreciation of the game.

in Europe in the 2018 World Cup in 2022 World Cup in Asia, according to the principle of take turns to host these two continents will not be able to host the 2026 World Cup.The news that the World Cup is likely to be held in North America, jointly organized by Canada, Mexico and the United States.

buildup to the FIFA income soared

as early as the FIFA President from cupertino puts forward Suggestions for the expansion of World Cup, he said, 32 teams up to 48 teams has nothing to do with the money, but in order to let more countries in the World Cup in, let the market further development of the international football, at the same time can also help the nations to improve their low level of football.

however, there are media reports said the military after the surge in the income of FIFA's World Cup is obvious, numerical expect up to 800 million pounds, mainly from the game, business and related peripheral matchday.

World Cup build-up is not from cupertino on a whim.In blatter and FIFA President, making the World Cup teams increased to 40.Blatter after the collapse of, because of all that gilardino took office, he is more than its predecessor to consolidate the votes and power, let more countries join the World Cup is undoubtedly the best way.So, for every cupertino for blatter ideas and proposals, and greater than blatter took steps, not new 8 teams, but 16 teams.

to say, this World Cup have been three times in the history of military buildup.

in 1930, there are 13 teams to participate in the first World Cup.Four years later, 16 teams for the World Cup.From then on, the World Cup was fixed in the 16 teams playing.It was not until 1982 that the World Cup in the true sense in big arms expansion, increased to 24 teams.Military expansion in 1998, the World Cup again, the number of teams into 32.

military buildup to 48 teams for the World Cup, is not without opposition.But these objections finally were ignored.

China into the chance of a World Cup

in the 32 teams in the World Cup, in addition to the host, Europe has 13 places, Africa five places, 4.5 places in Asia, South America a quota of 4.5, 3.5 places in North America and the Caribbean, the rest of the 0.5 number belongs to Oceania.

after the expansion of the World Cup and 2026 World Cup will increase 16 seats, the continents are very concerned about how to divide the became a problem.

there are media reports that new number 16, will be three of Europe, Africa, four four in Asia, South America 1.5, 3 in North America and the Caribbean, Oceania 0.5.

this among them, the number of Asian change is undoubtedly the most attention by Chinese fans.If the media predictions come true, then the number of Asian will reach 8.5.That is to say, the Chinese team to enter the World Cup will be much higher.Before the World Cup after the military news out, China international to Japan, said "the irrepressible joy in the heart, I can cry?"

there is no doubt that the increase in 16 teams, would greatly increase the cost of tournaments run competitions.Interestingly, on foreign social media, a lot of people said the expanded FIFA World Cup in China's favor.Someone said, "look it's the chance of China host the 2030 World Cup, because there are very few countries can be built for use in 48 teams stadium, 48 teams aren't that many cities for training."Expanded more and more people believe that FIFA's decision was to cater to the Middle East countries and China, "because it means that there will be a lot of money in the World Cup."

not everyone in the World Cup build-up in joy.There are fans in FIFA official social media account under the message: the World Cup is dead.

special writing/Beijing news reporter XiaoWanLi

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