What are the famous Chinese sports cheat philandering feelings of man?

Chinese sport is really good and evil people mixed up, lin2 zi3 da4, what bird no.Of the more hateful those "bad bird" usually pretend to put on AIRS, leads a flash life and is doing the shameless, contrary to the moral deeds.To take stock, below five deception in recent years China's notorious philandering feelings of man.

5. "car shock model" of kong linghui famous events

"hole" has been regarded as the combination of entertainment and sports model, actor kong linghui ruined everything.

two years ago, all of a sudden there are reports that the female model kong linghui, two people drink in his BMW X5 "shock" forty minutes in the car.Picture is truth.Subsequently, su publicly acknowledged that he had split up and kong linghui, 11 years relationship run failed to reach the finish line.Reports of kong linghui not only that, this distinction, but what is certain is that he is a little defective.

4. Ma Lin Due to the small three and his ex-wife in court

in 2009, his wife will table tennis star Marine to court, alas ma Lin's parents had no idea of Marine already married.Case had the conclusion by the end of 2010.More than a year's time, hidden marriage, small three, divorce, let the world champion Marine thoroughly become the laughing stock of public opinion.House to his ex-wife more than tens of millions of yuan, six years of marriage to an end, this is the result of self do, self have.

3. Wei-ping nie two marriage derailed within

wei-ping nie, this is China's "bear comparison with chess saint"!With its pivotal position, personal life also disorderly, is often criticized by people.Two marital infidelity, lead to divorce.But the somebody else a lot rather shallow, finally married a wife 23 years younger than himself.

2. Lin's wife pregnant, he will just hotel private model

tell the truth, the people first.Wife cheating during pregnant, this is what a ravenous!On one side, his wife suffering children October be pregnant for you;Side is your neon, debaucjed of life, to live with others, to go back to home still pretended to be caring and attentive, as what didn't happen.Think of is sick.This man has always been regarded as sports good man, really is ironic!

1. Sf Pleased when dad cheaters

on August 24, 2014, fangyu zhu and his wife, I formally announced the news of the divorce, I released is wife.She said a failure marriage because of small three intervention.Then fangyu zhu noised abroad "cheating" message, also confirmed later.In April this year, when father fangyu zhu xi, the other party is the "small three" was derailed.Small three successful upper is wife, netizens also not.Fangyu zhu high-profile sun happiness, net friend's response was "marital cheating men, real hard to send blessing".(statement: the child is innocent, how to comment on the parties, please don't take care of the kids.)

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