About the team's: high wing found that the largest Chen Zhongliu disappointing

about the team's: high wing found that the largest Chen Zhongliu disappointing

tiger robot football - January 10th in the team's 2-0 defeat to Iceland's team after the game, the media people in their own microblog comments on the game, some of them think the team's power co., LTD. The result of the match to be expected, some think the second goal is the defender in the world are not solve the problem.

media people R rock: Chen Zhongliu, it won't enter the state team to investigate sequence again.Attitude is really decide everything.

sports reporter yu Yang: team goal of Icelandic striker may not know, he shoots front end face of the Chinese defender, transfer is worth more than 10 million euro.The end of the game, if memory serves, the Chinese men's team in the international class A goal for time in the game, has more than 460 minutes.

soccer daily director Li Xuan: in the big ye if in line with the attitude of examining player, now should be in the mind have a destiny, but I have to say, may be because I watch while and journalists to discuss draft of the second half couldn't keep up with his old man's house substitution rhythm, don't know whether a player is so messy.

the LiaoShen evening news sports director qiu shore: China's 2-0 defeat to Iceland, from any perspective, is not an accident.If the match is one of the purposes of the study and exercise the couple, then maybe high wing, Cao Yun and ChiZhongGuo into lippi fox eye.If have to say which player's performance is disappointing, so should be a number 10.Two goals if you rip the first blame to Yang Shanping, obviously unfair.Iceland's first goal, from air drop shot out of a level zinedine zidane, Europe's top defender may not get down.As for Iceland's second goal, one-on-one Hyman to cut inside corner, is the world's defender can effectively solve the problem.

Evergrande with team reporter Du Yingying: how old CAI can't win every time you bid.

famous commentator dong lu: China to Iceland's biggest harvest is high accurate wing - Feng Xiaoting successor.Identification to complete!

sports host star division: lose also normal, strength is limited.The first half could see some offensive repertoire, players easily the pretty good also.Football is always associated with player power, if the player number didn't play in the professional game, it is hard to win.Single people think the game can be satisfied, hoped that the same quality, progress, better.But, back and forth to China cups, and opinions.

huang jianxiang: watch China cup team's second string is Iceland's second team play into 2-0, while thinking decided to start the 2026 FIFA World Cup build-up to 48.Who can give me from cupertino, recommend a translation of good English or French version of water margin to let him have a good read?Just get a 36 seventy-two detective to plough, gather together a one hundred single eight bai?!Everyone regardless of background and strength levels, together liangshan JuYi much good.

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