Lippi: the players have shown that opponent's advantage is that I want

lippi: players have shown that opponent's advantage is that I want physical

the team's 2-0 defeat to Iceland, have not been able to obtain good start in the New Year, coach marcello lippi said in an interview after the match, the players present physical condition is not very good, and the opponent has an advantage in this respect.

lippi said: "obviously the players legs is heavy, the vast majority of players are included in the national team for the first time. Iceland's international experience than China in some, a lot of players slightly nervous, physical fell sharply in the second half, but in an hour before they showed what we want."

"I can only recruit some of the players just completed physical reserves, can't say that these players just to the national team will be able to play, you can win, and our competitors are in the middle of the league."

when talking about why the game for the five personnel adjustment lippi said: "shenhua players in phase energy reserves, they are long holidays to return, all the players on the pitch are tired legs heavy. Our opponents have a lot of advantages in this respect, they are in the league, hot state, so to speak."

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