The fa day price lippi reason The innocence of the CAI zhenhua will into the butt of jokes in world football


fa day price lippi reason CAI zhenhua's innocence in world football joke football association for selection of Chinese football work gradually clear, not surprisingly, Italy coach marcello lippi will be the team's new manager.

for the majority of fans, lippi when the team's head coach is desirable, coaching Evergrande will be a lot of fans called for marcello lippi in the national soccer team, now it may be about to come true.

but look at the media exposed under lippi's salary is startled, 20 million a year, or the euro, according to a recent exchange rate, RMB 7.4 to the euro and euro 20 million is equivalent to RMB 148 million, a team's head coach make more than 100 million a year, this may be the best job in the world, can not help but let a person plaint Chinese really rich, Chinese football is so rich.

review the team's presidents in the history of foreign coach, marcello lippi's salary will be the highest, after the day price estimate will also hard to transcend, football is unheard of in the world.The most successful, most legendary Chinese football coach bora milutinovic of course, he led the team's in the 2002 World Cup, and even rice lu so successful, his annual salary is $300000, however, thy a fraction of the skin also is not enough, not to mention the inflation.Before the highest should be Spain coach camacho around 3 million euros, this also is far and marcello lippi's annual salary is poor.

local boss gao salary in 1 million - 2 million yuan, zhu guanghu had only 600000 yuan, the money is in really isn't worth mentioning at this point, the local manager is really "cheap", and the output thankless.

fa day price lippi reason CAI zhenhua's innocence in world football joke

the fa spend so much money please lippi worth it, a manager can save China, key to the team's illness is not this, players are inferior is the main reason, why also why spend so much money, the fa CAI zhenhua is a fool?Actually the fa spend day price please lippi has staged a bizarre in the plan.

the fa spend so much money please lippi not only to prepare for the 2022 World Cup, the fa had made a "lippi plan", this plan included in the next World Cup bid, the influence of the football association to use lippi in world football, to China in the process of bidding for the World Cup.The Chinese football association also think lippi prestige and power in the field of football enlarge the influence of football in China, promote the development of Chinese football, in the skin into the flagship of the Chinese football.

the Chinese football association plans in the next 10 years will be China's football population increased to 50 million, the construction of 20000 football pitches, and open players training, coach training class and the football to primary and secondary schools.

football association this "package" sounds perfect, very great, seems the fa to cross the rubicon to radical reform, Chinese football can be ideal is very plentiful, reality is cruel.

fa day price lippi reason CAI zhenhua's innocence in world football joke PiGui is world famous, but he was too far away from the high level league for a long time, at far less in the influence of world football, the Chinese football association is absolutely overestimated lippi's energy.Another lippi to a 68 - year - old this year, the football association to spend big price please an old teacher, lippi has since how much energy can involve so many things, lippi's World Cup 72, four years later, let alone the future's bid to host the World Cup.

lippi has come, the Chinese football or soccer in China, can not change too much, lippi energy again big, he is just a person, let alone is a foreigner, he won't change China's rigid education system and social system, changed the Chinese soccer in the vast number of parents in the heart of cognition.Even some netizens questioned the fa, you spend so money please lippi, why not start now to so to develop youth before?

it is said that CAI zhenhua is very value to marcello lippi, "lippi plan" is very important, and send the plan all of the Chinese football association to marcello lippi's hometown, CAI zhenhua to play table tennis is too simple and naive, eventually shooting themselves in the foot, to become the butt of jokes in world football.

the football association will understand that the Chinese football just lippi's machines.

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