The world premier league squad emerge?Evergrande port or invited to compete

world premier league squad emerge? Evergrande port or invited to compete

Beijing standard time on September 9, the British media, the daily mirror newspaper front page story in many European clubs are brewing a world super league, the league may attend in five years, from the Chinese super league in guangzhou and Shanghai port may be invited to attend.

the world's premier league agents including bayern Munich, Juventus and real Madrid, they want to make from China, Australia, Brazil and the United States and other countries some of the team to participate in the worldwide competition, the reason is the premier league team signed a huge television deals, finances the premier league is very ideal, this lets them in the transfer window spent money to buy one, other premier league clubs fear that their competitiveness will be affected.

it is adhere to participate in the champions league for premier league or choose to attend the world's premier league would be a difficult choice.

UK media predict the world's premier league teams:

China: guangzhou Evergrande, Shanghai port on

United States: the Los Angeles galaxy and New York City

: Australia Melbourne city

Brazil: corinthians

: Italy Juventus, AC milan and inter

Spain: real Madrid, Barcelona and atletico Madrid

South Africa: super sports league

Germany: bayern Munich and borussia Dortmund

France: Paris st germain, Lyon

England: Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester city, Manchester united

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